EXCLUSIVE: Minister Kasaija’s U-turn Sparks Instability at NSSF

Finance Minister, Matia Kasaija

Finance Minister Matia Kasaija has made a dramatic u-turn on conditions given to suspended NSSF Deputy Managing Director Geraldine Ssali to return to office, more about blowing apart hopes of ending the stalemate in the near future.

It all started with Ssali being sent on forced leave by the NSSF board to investigate her alleged misconduct, recipe insubordination and abuse of company rules.

Ssali, who denies any wrongdoing, would later secure a court order barring NSSF from sending her on forced leave. The Fund was directed to return her to duty.

The NSSF board took a more stern action, suspending her from office.

Kasaija chose to engage the NSSF board and Ssali in talks to resolve the matter amicably.

During the meetings organised by Kasaija, it was resolved that Ssali withdraws the court case against NSSF as a condition for her resuming office.

Cautioning that the dispute “may lead to serious ramifications for the reputation of the Fund,” the Minister instructed the NSSF Board to “clearly spell out, in writing, by close of business today, the respective responsibilities for the Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director of the NSSF.”

He further said all matters of “discipline between the Managing Director and the Deputy Managing Director will future be resolved by the board, failure of which such matters would be referred to the minister.”

Officials said NSSF complied with Kasaija’s instructions.

Ssali did not oblige, leading to her blocking from accessing her office in Kampala, according to a press statement issued recently.

Kasaija's latest letter to the NSSF Board Chairman

Kasaija’s latest letter to the NSSF Board Chairman


ChimpReports understands that Kasaija has now directed the NSSF board to resume office without any conditions.

“In my letter, I directed that Ms Geraldine Ssali Busuulwa be allowed to access her office and resume duty, on condition that she withdraws all suits against the Fund,” wrote Kasaija in a leaked letter dated May 20.

“In line with the Temporary Injunction Order, I am withdrawing that conditionality,” he affirmed.

Kasaija was referring to the injunction issued before Ssali’s suspension.

The court order sought to maintain that statusquo before Ssali was asked to go on leave.

NSSF legal officials maintain Ssali was eventually suspended, “making the injunction defective.”

At the Ministry of Finance, officials old ChimpReports on Monday morning that Kasaija is desperate to end the NSSF managerial dispute at all costs as President Museveni moves to release his new cabinet.

It is possible, argued a source who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely, that Kasaija fears the war at the Fund will threaten his powerful seat ahead of the Cabinet reshuffle.

“What you have is a panicking Minister tactfully passing on the current problems to future managers for political expediency,” the source added.

“Kasaija should stick to his guns to ensure a win-win situation at the NSSF. Showing sides or fearing to act will set the fund on fire.  The Fund will pay a huge price for his inaction,” the source added.

In his letter, Kasaija said the “issue of costs associated with the suits will be resolved by court in due course. If you deem it necessary, you may wish to detail board representation to be present when she duly reports.”

This literally implies Kasaija has left the matter to be resolved by courts of law.


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