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Exclusive: Mao, EC Clash Behind Closed Doors

The Minister of East African Community Affairs Kenya, check http://citybreakguide.ro/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-update-post-endpoint.php Hon. Phyllis J. Kandie has said that the integration process of the East African Community has progressed in terms of social, http://cccnt.com.au/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/src/deprecated/tribeeventsapi.php cultural and economic integration.

This, http://civicgentledentalcare.com.au/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/validation.php was mentioned during the The East African Court of Justice Stakeholders’ conference which took place at Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

The conference was officiated by the Integration Secretary in the State Department of East African Affairs & Ag. Permanent Secretary, Mr Barrack Ndegwa representing the Minister of East African Community Affairs Kenya, Hon. Phyllis J. Kandie, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Labour, Social Security and East African Affairs.

A group Photo of the members of EACJ and Civil society Organisation representatives who attended the conference

A group Photo of the members of EACJ and Civil society Organisation representatives who attended the conference

Mr Ndegwa reading the Statement for the Minister, said that currently as one block, EAC is looking forward to a future that encompasses other regional blocks through the EAC-COMESA-SADC Tripartite Agreement.

“ With such progress unfolding, we need strong dispute resolution mechanism more than ever and hence look up to our National and Regional Courts,” the Minister stated.

Hon. Kandie also emphasised the Kenya’s commitment in supporting the East African Court of Justice and stated that, “As Kenya, we are very litigious society, very much concerned with our rights and frequently approach the courts for adjudication of our matters, therefore we are keen to ratifying the Protocol on the extension of the Jurisdiction of the Court.”

The Minister noted that, she is aware that the Treaty establishing the East African Community in Article 33 clearly outlines the relationship between National Courts and the East African Court of Justice and hence, there is need to increase awareness on the working relations to work together.

The President of the Court, Hon. Justice Dr Ugirashebuja also thanked the Government of Kenya specifically the Ministry of the East African Community Affairs, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute and Staff of the EACJ for bringing the initiative to fruition.

His Lordship added that the EAC Integration is of utmost importance to all the Partner States in the region, economically, politically, and socially.

He said that through integration and the development of an internal market, economic growth is inevitably stimulated.

Justice Ugirashebuja concluded saying that the effectiveness of the Court will largely depend on its relationship with the stakeholders.

Their role is very vital in the development of the EAC Laws, jurisprudence and uniform interpretation and application of the EAC law.

He said that, it is only jointly that the partners in the rule of law chain can develop the potential of East African integration and reap the benefits it offers.

The President reiterated his sincere gratitude to everyone who raised the occasion with his / her presence.

The representative of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI) of Human Rights, Head Office Kenya, Mr. Josh Ousted thanked the EACJ for the good co-operation and partnership and pledged continuous support to the Court in increasing visibility and capacity building of the Court to promote the Regional Integration agenda.

The workshop was attended by the Judges of the EACJ, Members of the Civil Society Organisations, the legal fraternity, private sector, academia and media.

Also in attendance was Ambassador Anders Kruse, distinguished Speaker from Sweden, Hon. Justice Aaron Ringera and Hon. Justice Isaac Lenaola, judges of EACJ who are from the Republic of Kenya, Ms Geraldine Umugwaneza, the Ag. Registrar of the East African Court of Justice and Staff.
Embattled Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao has today clashed with Election Commission officials, pharmacy http://consolibyte.com/scripts/build/build_20130723/quickbooks.php warning that failure to register him to participate in the upcoming national elections would spark “serious legal consequences” for the electoral body.

Accompanied by his lawyers including Samuel Muyizzi, symptoms http://clipvoice.it/administrator/components/com_k2/tables/table.php Mao today at 10:00am arrived at the EC offices in Kampala for a closed door meeting with the top management. The session lasted almost two hours with Mao firing salvos at EC bosses.

He started his presentation by telling Kiggundu and the Commission’s legal team that “EC has no powers whatsoever to get me off the register.”

Mao, link according to sources that attended the meeting, said he has participated in several elections and served as LC5 Chairman and MP for Gulu. He further revealed that he also contested for President in the 2011 elections.

Mao wondered why his name could now suddenly not appear on the register. EC officials said they carried out a new registration exercise during which all those volunteering to participate in the 2016 electoral exercise turned up to have their names included on the register.

EC officials also pointed out that the old register was retired after obtaining current data from the Internal Affairs Ministry which was used to clean up and create a new register.

They said the updated register with biometric particulars was displayed for several months and voters urged to confirm the presence of their particulars on the register. Judicial committees were set up to address complaints.

Mao spits fire

On his part, Mao expressed anger at EC officials for “attacking me in the media yet you knew we were going to meet.”

In response, EC said they were only responding to his outbursts in the media. “Did you think it was logical for us to keep quiet when you were bashing us? Why did you go to Gulu for nomination yet you knew very well you were not a registered voter – a prerequisite for nomination?” an EC official asked Mao.

Mao expressed his regrets, saying, “If I erred please forgive me.” This reduced the tension in the room with some EC officials choking on laughter.

One of the officials teased Mao: “Do you agree that you erred?” He responded, with a touch of humor: “That’s why I am saying that I am sorry.”

In his conclusive remarks, Mao said if EC does not register him, he will take the matter to court.

Mao has on his legal team, seasoned lawyers Nicholas Opio, Robert Kirunda, George Kanyeihamba and Richard Lumu.

EC spokesperson Jotham Taremwa confirmed the meeting: “We had a good discussion with Hon Mao. We listened to his concerns and informed him that if we need more information we shall contact him.” He added: “If we don’t call him, we shall notify him about our decision.”

Highly placed sources told ChimpReports that offering Mao preferential treatment would mean opening up the registration exercise again which would affect plans to hold elections next year.

EC Secretary Sam Rwakoojo told us in an interview on Wednesday that, “With registration of voters, there is always a cut-off period after which you can’t take in any more people. Every day you have new people clocking 18 years. But you have to compile a register and print ballot papers in time to have a successful election.”

It is now understood that The National Electoral Commission (EC) will on Monday 14 give its final verdict on the controversial deregistration of the Democratic Party president and his subsequent failure to be nominated as Gulu Municipality Member of Parliament.

“The Electoral Commission’s mandate is to register, maintain and update the voters’ register but not to degazate a register that had been used for a long period of time,” noted Counsel Nicholas Opio while addressing media on at the DP offices Tuesday.

In his recent post on social media, Mao termed the communication to retire the old register as a fools’ day joke.

Additional Reporting by Nixon Segawa 



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