Exclusive: Kadaga, Lumumba Clash at NRM CEC Meeting

The Central Executive Committee of the National Resistance Movement party meeting on Wednesday registered some drama as the three powerful women in government disagreed on the methods of appointing the Chairpersons of Parliamentary Committees.

The NRM Chairman, pilule http://cpllogoterapia.com/wp-includes/class.wp-scripts.php President Yoweri Museveni convened CEC at State House Entebbe to come up with the names for Commissioners of Parliaments, search http://ctabuenosaires.org.ar/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-client.php Chairpersons of Committees and membership to the Common Wealth and Pan-African Parliament.

The selection of three names for Commissioners and 5 members to the world and continental legislative assemblies were successfully concluded first.

According to a source who attended the closed sitting, the first two assignments were completed at around 9: 15pm before embarking the more exhausting selection of 26 names for the Chairpersons of Committees.  The opposition is in charge of only four accountability committees and the rest are chaired by the NRM.

The NRM Vice Chairperson for Eastern Uganda, Mike Mukula proposed to the sitting that this selection role be delegated to the Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba and the Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa as the rest of CEC members retire home. The two were to conclude and present the names to the President for approval.

Lumumba and Nankabirwa immediately seconded Mukula’s proposal and the majority tired CEC were also in support of the idea.

Before the suggestion was adopted by the members, Speaker of Parliament Rebecca immediately took to the floor and said she was being sidelined in the process.

“Why should only the SG and the Government Chief Whip be the ones to make the decision on committee chairpersons when I am also here?’ Kadaga asked CEC members according to a source who preferred anonymity.

The speaker’s initial suggestion was for the change of rules so that Members of Parliament elect the committee chairpersons as opposed to leaving the role entirely the leadership of political parties.

In an earlier meeting convened at Parliament, the Speaker reportedly said the independence of the legislative assembly was being eaten up by political parties who decide the head of committees.

The Commissioners and members to the Common Wealth and Pan- African Parliaments are voted for in the plenary sitting of the whole house while chairpersons of committees are directly named by the government and opposition chief whips.

Kadaga is also a CEC member by the virtue of being NRM Female Vice Chairperson.

After Kadaga’s hot submission, Museveni later decided that she also joins Lumumba and Nankabirwa in the selection of committee chairpersons.

“Mzee did not want pulling ropes here and there. He resolved that the Speaker should also join the S.G and the Chief Whip (government),” another source said.

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