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EXCLUSIVE: Journalist-turned Intelligence Operative Goes Missing

Christopher Kyeswa is missing

On March 22, what is ed 2017 (Wednesday), Christopher Kyeswa, 57, was struggling with a fever at his residence in Seeta, Mukono District, Central Uganda.

At around 1:00pm, Kyeswa received a telephone call from someone who wanted to meet him in Seeta Township.

During Kyeswa’s appointment with the stranger, he received another call from someone who wanted to see him in Bweyogerere.

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Kyeswa was accompanied by his relative known as Solomon Sserwadda.

The duo picked Shs 10,000 from the person they met in Seeta before continuing the journey to Bweyogerere.

“My father had not moved with enough money. So the person he met in Seeta gave him Shs 10,000 for fare,” recalled Kyeswa’s daughter, Claire Nansikombi.

In Bweyogerere Town, Kyeswa sat with Sserwadda for a meal in a restaurant. Mid-way, Kyeswa received a call from the person they were waiting for.

According to Sserwadda, Kyeswa walked out of the restaurant to pick the stranger.

Kyeswa never returned.

After waiting for many hours for Kyeswa, Sserwadda decided to return home.

That night, Kyeswa did not go home.

The following day (Thursday), he was not where to be seen. Friday and Saturday passed without a trace of Kyeswa.

Worried that something could have gone wrong, his wife, Lydia Kyeswa, rushed to St Luke Church, Mukono where it was announced that he had gone missing.

His phone was off.

Family remembers recalled the trauma they went through, saying they feared he was dead.

“It’s a very painful experience, not being able to trace your father’s location. What was heartbreaking, we were not sure whether he was alive or dead.”


Luckily, a week later, Kyeswa called his wife, saying he was detained at Police Special Operations Centre, Nalufenya.

The facility is slowly gaining the reputation of a torture chamber. Suspected assassins of AIGP Felix Andrew Kaweesi have since accused police of torture at Nalufenya.

However, Police spokesperson AIGP Asan Kasingye termed the claims of torture as “baseless,” and reiterated the force’s “commitment to ensuring that the rights of suspects in police custody continue to be respected and protected at all times.”

Kasingye added that other suspects were found with old healed wounds “that were obviously sustained before admission into our facility.”

It remains unclear why Kyeswa was detained.

Sources told this website that Kyeswa was arrested in connection with the killing of a high ranking state security officer.

While many other suspects in relation to a wave of murders have been tried in courts of law, Kyeswa’s whereabouts remain unclear.

Efforts to reach Police Spokesperson Asan Kasingye for comment on this matter were futile.

The Nalufenya Base Commandant, Hebert Muhangi was said to be in a meeting when we called.

Muhangi’s secretary provided us with his private number which was consistently switched off.

Search for Kyeswa

Kyeswa’s daughter, Claire Nansikombi told ChimpReports in an exclusive interview that the family has since contacted city lawyer Mcdusman Kabega for legal advice.

Nansikombi said the family further went to Kampala Central Police where it requested for Flying Squad members to investigate the incident.

“The Flying Squad people were asking for advance money before doing investigations. We didn’t have that money and went back home,” said Nansikombi, who works with Joel Olweny & Co. Advocates.

After word spread about the missing person, Mukono Police commanders interrogated Kyeswa’s family members.

“We gave police all the information we had. They came at around 11:00pm and surrounded our house. After talking to us, they promised to take charge of the situation but we have not seen our dad since then,” added Nansikombi.

Frustrated, family members decided to travel to Nalufenya in search for Kyeswa.

“We were not even allowed to check in the book records,” Nansikombi recalled the experience at the heavily-guarded Nalufenya station.

Despite writing to human rights lawyers and high ranking government officials, Kyeswa’s whereabouts remain a mystery.

Kyeswa studied journalism in Uganda. He would later travel to United States where he lived for many years.

According to his daughter, Kyeswa told his family that he returned to Uganda in 2011 “on the request of government to do its work.”

She said that her father is an “intelligence officer”.


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