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EXCLUSIVE: How Kizza Besigye Fell in Trouble at UNAA Convention

Kadaga addressing UNAA Convention as Dr Besigye, Oulanya listen attentively this past weekend

On arrival in U.S. this past week, viagra 60mg http://demo.des.net.id/hospital/wp-includes/media-template.php Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga was informed of a plot by the opposition members to dominate the Uganda North American Association (UNAA) Convention in Boston, order http://cityblockliving.net/components/com_k2/views/itemlist/tmpl/generic_item.php Massachusetts.

The opposition had planned to stage a demonstration in Boston against the ruling NRM party who were attending the conference.

They had as well conspired to boo NRM leaders as they spoke at the convention which hosts the largest Ugandan community in North America.

Uganda’s delegation to the 28th UNAA Convention included the Deputy Speaker, http://cotro.com/wp-admin/includes/class-plugin-upgrader-skin.php Hon. Jacob Oulanyah, the Government Chief Whip, Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu, ministers and Members of Parliament.

It’s at that moment that Kadaga telephoned President Museveni, informing him of the plot that had leaked to her.

Officials had told Kadaga that opposition members planned to throw eggs at Minister Ronald Kibuule.

The Minister is struggling to clear her name after a female security guard recently accused her of assault at Stanbic Bank, Mukono Branch.

After a brief discussion with the president, NRM top leaders including Kadaga, Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanya, Government Chief Whip, Hon Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu, ministers and Members of Parliament strategised to defeat the opposition.

The NRM team mobilised its supporters who overwhelmed the opposition in the Diaspora.

“The FDC guys were swamped by NRM supporters and they backed off their plan. The plan was to take the convention by surprise and demonstrate in front of Boston Park Plaza Hotel,” recalls a government official who spoke to us on condition of anonymity so as to speak freely.

“Speaker Kadaga called the opposition MPs who were here and met them. The MPs told the speaker they would not join such protests and embarrass the country,” he added.

The speaker also separately met NRM MPs who quickly mobilized supporters.

Presidential adviser Moses Byaruhanga mobilized NRM in the Diaspora.

“It became hot for the opposition and they chickened out.”

Kadaga was also informed that Dr Kizza Besigye’s wife, Eng Winnie Byanyima had mobilized some women to start the attack against Kibuule but the plan did not materialise.

Political debate

The Convention was held under the theme: “United to Empower Women”.

Members on the discussion panel included the Deputy Speaker, Hon Jacob Oulanyah, Deputy Chief of Mission (Uganda Embassy in the US) Alfred Nam, former FDC Presidential candidate, Dr Kiiza Besigye and Martin Byakuleka representing the Diaspora.

The government officials were put to task to explain and convince Ugandans about progress registered by government and the country in the political, economic and social spheres since 1986.

The FDC strongman, Dr Besigye had four people who were seen heckling at government officials.

A lady from the opposition shouted at Deputy Chief of Mission (Uganda Embassy in the US) Alfred Nam.

The ambassador was addressing members on government’s progress in tackling the country’s economic and social challenges when the opposition activist heckled: “Your mother.”

Hotel security intervened, warning they would not tolerate such conduct and that unruly participants would be thrown out.

The opposition members were not about to stop the heckling game.

This compelled the NRM participants to start booing Besigye.

It was later agreed that heckling should stop to allow the discussion proceed.

Besigye under attack

During the discussion, Besigye came under attack from opposition-leaning, Independent and NRM MPs.

Makindye Division East FDC MP, Ibrahim Kasozi Biribawa had no kind words for the FDC strongman, Dr Besigye.

Kasozi told Besigye “to be honest in his heart even if he wants change.”

The MP told Besigye to “speak the truth not lies about the country.”

Besigye was being criticized for leading a defiance campaign which officials said had cultivated ground for anarchy in Uganda.

Former UPC stalwart, Henry Mayega told Besigye to “place his family at the frontline of defiance campaign” instead of encouraging defenceless Ugandans to battle security forces on the streets.

Nankabirwa said if Besigye wants peace he should stop antagonizing government.

Eng Winnie Byanyima speaking at the event

Eng Winnie Byanyima speaking at the event

Realising that Besigye was being humiliated, Byanyima said UNAA officials should always organize better and have a structured discussion.

She also condemned name-calling and heckling by both parties before receiving an ovation from the audience.

How Besigye fell in trouble

Besigye started his speech by saying MPs were too many in Boston and that they were enjoying the taxpayer’s money.

He later changed position after he was informed that there were only 23 MPs in attendance not 78 as he alleged.

Nankabirwa told Besigye that government was invited just like him.

Oulanyah who was seated next to Besigye asked him to give evidence whether Parliament had diverted money from any government department.

Oulanyah said Parliament operates on its own budget.

He further asked Besigye whether “FDC government would never interact with Ugandans in the Diaspora.”

Speaker Kadaga presented budget figures to Besigye showing Parliament had appropriated more money to service delivery than for Parliament operations.

Besigye later said he was not blaming MPs for attending UNAA but the budget priories at home.

Nankabirwa responded that FDC MPs led by Winnie Kiiza were in California on Parliament budget and asked him to stop them from travelling abroad on Parliament money.

Mohammed Nsereko also accused FDC of double standards.

The Kampala lawmaker said FDC MPs should not have taken oath to serve in Parliament if indeed they were into Besigye defiance campaign.

Nsereko further said FDC are represented in Parliament and continue earning from government revenues hence legitimizing the government he criticises on a daily basis.

Besigye quietly addressed a small group of his supporters at a separate room in the hotel.

Moses Byaruhanga said government had done a lot to drive growth

Moses Byaruhanga said government had done a lot to drive growth

Kadaga fires salvo

Meanwhile, Kadaga asked UNAA officials to decide whether they should always invite government or not.

She said government had given $50, 000 for organization of the event but that if they don’t want it they should inform government.

Coming under fire over corruption in government back home, Kadaga hit back: “Government puts money into service delivery but it’s your relatives stealing that money. Tell your relatives to stop stealing money meant for health and education.”

She said because of engagement with Diaspora, parliament had made laws that help the Diaspora people especially in regard to investment and travel.

She promised to follow up on the requests of Ugandans in Boston to have a consular office in Boston because there are over 200, 000 Ugandans living in the state of Massachusetts

But she insisted her office would follow up after UNAA officials clearly tell government what they want.

“You shouldn’t invite government then again blackmail it by claiming its wasting money by sending its people here,” said Kadaga.


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