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Exclusive: Heroic Gulu Police Boss Masaba was Shot 7 Times

In Gulu

The Assistant Superintendent of Police who also doubled as Aswa Regional Firefighting Commander passed on from Lacor Hospital on Monday evening.

Masaba was among the 8 victims of Sunday night mysterious and daring attack on Gulu Central Police Station by a yet to be determined heavily armed assailants.

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ChimpReports has learnt from the eye witnesses that the slain police officer suffered seven straight rounds from the lethal PK machine gun firepower of the attackers.

Masaba was reportedly the first to appear at the main entrance of the police station thus discovering the situation was not normal.

He didn’t escape but bravely raised the alarm to his colleagues inside the barracks to come for reinforcement.

One of the assaulters holding the PK started firing towards him with the obvious motive of finishing him on the spot.

“He was so courageous in the face of a very ruthless enemy. He made the first alarm that alerted everyone that something was not right, pharm ” a source who asked not to be named said.

RIP: Moses Masaba

RIP: Moses Masaba

Lethal shooting

The first three rounds went direct to his chest as the assailant concentrate only on the left part of his body.

Two rounds were mercilessly released on his legs and the last two in the stomach before attackers started facing off with the emerging cops from the barracks.

With seven bullets lodged in his body, online a medical official confided this website, Masaba bled so much and in the morning of Monday all was visible on the ground.

The battle between the joint security team and the invaders severely went on for 30 minutes, meaning there was no immediate help for those who were down with severe wounds.

He was later picked and rushed to Lacor Hospital – only a few kilometers from Gulu town where the CPS is located.

He was immediately booked in Intensive Care Unit and put on blood transfusion.

According to sources at the hospital he had bled a lot but his body started responding to the transfusion (blood) well.

The brave officer however succumbed to the injuries 20 hours later.

He was pronounced dead at 9:30 pm, becoming the second person after Corporal Moses Edemu to die from the attack, according to the official records.

“He has gone to rest from all this pain,” said deputy police spokesperson Polly Namaye.

“I mourn him too, knew him personally and he was such a promising young man,” she added.

Three UPDF officers who included; Major Jasper Komakech; S/SGT Vincent Kibuye and Pte Michael Opoka Kilama were injured in the attacks.

One civilian, a female adult, identified as Christine Aki was also injured.

The story of Masaba being the first to raise the alarm conflicts with the security version that they knew what was going to happen and had fortified the place.


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