EXCLUSIVE: FIFA Cancels Uganda Cranes Asia Friendly Match

Uganda Cranes

Rwanda President Paul Kagame has slammed critics accusing him of trying to extend his reign after the expiry of the mandatory two terms in office, price cialis 40mg saying the aspirations and future of his country will be determined by Rwandans.

“I have no apologies to anyone for me to be of a meaning to my country. If I want it or not it is my business not theirs,” charged Kagame during the two-day Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) retreat bringing together close to 600 party leaders on Sunday.

“Debates are ongoing and will continue,” said the party chairman in reference to a sweeping discussion on amending the Constitution to lift the presidential term limits.

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“My responsibility is to make sure it continues. Everybody has a right and there must be rule of law guaranteed.”

Thousands of Rwandans have since petitioned Parliament to scrap the term limits from the Constitution to allow Kagame serve a third term in office.

They claim Kagame, who inherited a nation in shambles following the destructive 1994 genocide, has transformed Rwanda’s human resource, infrastructure, economy and set the country on the correct path of rapid transformation.

Kagame’s critics, however, say he suppresses dissent and that the Constitution should be preserved.

The debate on term limits has been raging on for the last two years, with Kagame insisting that he should be convinced to stand again.

With more pressure from the people, Kagame’s narrative has also changed with more prospects of him standing for president again.

“You can’t talk of strong institutions but then choose to ignore the people. People want to put me in front of two choices: choose someone to replace you or we choose someone for you. But the choice that makes the most sense is the choice of the people,” said Kagame.

“This debate is about finding solutions within us to deliver the country from poverty to prosperity. There are people in Africa who want power for the sake of it and who want to rule over people. But that is not the identity of Africans. It can only be defined as the identity of those who do it,” he added.

Kagame warned that Rwanda “should not accept to be defined by somebody else out there firing shots at us”.

He also hinted on foreign forces trying to impose members of the genocidal regime in the Rwandan government, warning, “Those who want us to be led by those who left Rwanda even after committing various crimes; it is simply an insult to the Rwandans.”

Kagame led the RPF guerrillas in a four-year struggle that toppled the regime which orchestrated the 1994 genocide in which a million people, mainly Tutsi, were butchered.

He served as Vice President and Defence Minister before being elected as President in August 2003.

Kagame would later be re-elected in 2010. His second term expires in 2017.

He told RPF top officials on Sunday that, “No one stopped me and no one could stop me from the struggle in which we gave all what we had including our lives, because I wanted it.”

He said, “When I have the right to be of a meaning to my country, then I will. Problems of Rwanda should be the problem of Rwanda. What others think will be factored in but we are the ones to be affected by our decision.”

“If markets and people want stability, who are we not to deliver that? The Decision should be based on stability we have come to be known for and we must continue to be known for stability.”
World football governing body, this Fifa has cancelled the international friendly match between Uganda and Kazakhstan, sickness ChimpSport has reliably learnt.

According to our sources the match was planned for Wednesday June 17 at the 30, doctor 000 capacity Astana Arena in Astana Kazakhstan.

It was reported that Fufa CEO, Edgar Watson Ssubi confirmed the developments to a Chinese media house.

“Our national team (Uganda) was meant to travel today to Kazakhstan, but FIFA has called off the match because they think our players will not rest enough after playing a 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Botswana on Saturday,” Edgar Watson told Xinhua on Sunday.

Fifa new international matches rule does not allow a team to travel for a trip that will last over five hours and play a game less than 48 hours after their last encounter.

“It is sad the match is put off, but we need to respect these new rules,” Watson added.

The Fufa spokesman, Mr. Ahmed Hussein also confided in ChimpSport that the Kazakhstan federation had requested the friendly but rules couldn’t permit.

“They (Kazakhstan FA) had requested us for the friendly but we couldn’t honour it due to the Fifa rules,” Ahmed exclusively told this website.

He further added, “It would have been be hard to fly players after Botswana and back for Chan game (against Tanzania).”

Uganda is currently preparing for African Championships (Chan) qualifiers against Tanzania on Saturday, June 20.

The Cranes thrashed Botswana 2-0 on Saturday in Afcon 2017 qualifier at Mandela National Stadium on Saturday.

Kazakhstan is currently ranked at position 133 worldwide which is 61 places below Uganda’s June stand.

The team is currently preparing for the 2016 Euro qualifiers and will now have the option of playing against Cape Verde in a similar build up match tomorrow Tuesday, according to internet sources.


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