EXCLUSIVE: Besigye Leaves Namboole After ‘Fake Delegates’ Saga

Besigye walks to his car as the party resumed verification of delegates at Mandela National Stadium on Sept. 2. 2015 (Photos: Nixon Segawa/CR)

Presidential hopeful Dr Kizza Besigye has left Mandela National Stadium where the FDC National Delegates Conference is taking place.

Besigye walked to his car at around 1:30pm after the conference was halted over claims that delegates had been locked outside the venue yet non-delegates were inside the conference hall listening to speeches.

“It was found that some delegates were not cleared to access the conference yet non-delegates were inside. That would be unfair, dosage drug ” said Besigye.

“A decision has been taken to rectify this because there are delegates who would want us to address them.”

He was driven outside the stadium possibly to have lunch.

Former FDC Vice President for Northern Uganda, clinic Prof Ogenga Latigo supported the decision to push out all delegates to weed out infiltrators.

He said this is “very normal in such circumstances.”

Bugweri lawmaker, cost Abdu Katuntu described the locking out of delegates as a “plot to rig this election.”

Besigye addressing his supporters

Besigye addressing his supporters

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FDC is struggling to paint a picture of democratic organisation but it appears its structures remain weak.

Party chairman, Wasswa Biriggwa said over 700 accreditation cards were issued by the party’s Electoral Commission but over 400 people attending the conference did not carry cards.

Currently, a roll call is underway with only accredited delegates accessing the conference hall.

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