EXCLUSIVE: ADF’s Jamil Mukulu’s Attempt to Kill Ugandan General

A few days before the Kampala bombings by the Al Shabaab with the alleged support of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) agents in Kampala, sale http://clothesthatwork.org/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/common/src/tribe/settings_tab.php the DRC army (FARDC) conducted specialised operations in Eastern Congo.

The missions, http://cbvsalvail.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp.php which begun on June 25, 2010, led to the killing of a one Kakande, the overall commander of Mwalika Base.

He was a very senior ADF commander, having joined in the mid 1990s when the terrorist outfit attempted to form a base at Buseruka in Hoima.

Kakande was killed with two others – Muhindo Maido and Ali Kutegeka aka Rasta.

Five weapons including an RPG pipe, a PKM Machine gun, three SMGs and 2 grenades were recovered.

The attack angered the ADF high command which planned a revenge mission, considering that the killings were coordinated by Ugandan liaison officers in Eastern Congo.

The plan was to kill Uganda’s then head of Military Intelligence, Brig James Mugira who had provided intelligence to Congolese forces to attack Mwalika.

ADF agents commenced a surveillance mission along Kitante road where the CMI base was located before being shifted to Mbuya.

The militants kept monitoring the stretch using motorcycles with the view of locating a strategic area from where they could launch a mortar attack on Mugira’s office.

“We got suspicious of people who were surveying the stretch thus rolling out our own intelligence officials to apprehend them. Fortunately, all of them were arrested. They confessed that indeed they wanted to kill Brigadier (at the time) Mugira,” said a highly placed military source who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

“Their objective was to kill Mugira either by ambush or bombing his office which was then not far away from the main road,” the source noted on Thursday morning, adding, “This operation was ordered by Jamil Mukulu.”

Asked to explain the whereabouts of the suspects, the officer said they were remanded a Luzira Prison.

The latest development comes at a time when government is struggling to secure the extradition of Mukulu from Tanzania to Uganda to face charges of attempted murder, treason, murder and terrorism.

Police have repeatedly blamed the killing of Ugandan Muslim Sheikhs on Mukulu for opposing his military strategy of toppling the government of President Museveni.


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