EVIDENCE: Bamasaba Leader Faces Eviction over Rent Arrears

Bugisu Cooperative Union (BCU) has written to the Bamasaba cultural to pay up or face eviction

By Christopher Okiring

The cultural leader of the Bamasaba stares down on possible eviction over failure to clear accumulated rent arrears amounting to Shs 7m, dosage Chimp Corps report.

Mushikori has allegedly not paid rent for a period of 13 months.

Bugisu Cooperative Union is demanding for the rent arrears from the Umukhukha for his residence at BCU house he is occupying along Union Road in Mbale municipality.

According to the letter signed on June 13 by the BCU chairperson Nathan Nandala Mafabi, more about Mushikori has not paid house rent since June 2015.

It states that Mushikori only paid Shs 2,079,000 in March 2013 for renovating the house.

The cost he incurred for renovating the house was then turned as house rent for the period ending December 2014.

But since January 2015 to date, the Umukhukha made only two payments for the months of March and May 2015.

The total outstanding rent up to June 2016 is shillings 6,400,000. But with a surcharge of 20 percent on every month that rent remained in arrears, the Umukhukha incurred a cost of Shs 1,040,000 for the 13 months bringing his outstanding arrears to Shs 7,440,000.

Nandala, in his letter addressed to Mushikori, stated that the “obligation should be settled within fourteen days from the date of the demand notice.

He warned that the union will issue an eviction notice to the Umukhukha if he fails to oblige plus other legal procedures that may be deemed necessary.


However, Mushikori  told ChimpReports he was not bothered about the eviction notice.

The Umukhukha further revealed he was not the “only one with a debt in Bugisu Cooperative Union.”

“There are very many people and organizations that are yet to clear their obligations with BCU to a tune of more than Shs 40m. Why target me,” he wondered.


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