Every Home Needs an Income Generating Project – Museveni

Museveni interacts with one of Hon Ronald Kibuule's daughters who requested him for a lift in his helicopter.

President Yoweri Museveni has once again called on the people of Mukono district in particular and all Ugandans in general to take part in the fight against household poverty by engaging in commercial farming so that they are empowered to address the challenges of income in their homes.

“Every home must get what to do for income. Those who have land should utilize it and those without it will be assisted in projects that suit them, information pills ” he said.

The President was speaking during a thanksgiving and baptism occasion for the children of the Minister of State for Water, adiposity Hon. Ronald Kibuule, that took place at the Minister’s home in Kapeke – Namuyenje in Mukono district.

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He asked local leaders to know and ascertain the number of households and their landholding capacity in their respective areas so that it becomes easier for the government to assist those households according to their peculiar needs.

“In fighting poverty, we all have to take part; even those without land can be assisted,” he added.

Museveni opens a tap to check the pressure of the solar powered water scheme that he lauched in Kapeke, Mukono district

Museveni opens a tap to check the pressure of the solar powered water scheme that he lauched in Kapeke, Mukono district

On the drought spell that the country is currently experiencing, the President said that the condition has indeed affected those who had planted something.

He, however, added that farmers should be guided to adopt other methods of survival of their production activities such as irrigation.

He commended Hon. Kibuule and the entire Ministry of Water and Environment for putting up solar powered water pumps for irrigation. He asked the residents to emulate the example.

Regarding government development projects, Museveni highlighted some of them in Mukono district and in the country such as roads, railways and electricity.

He called residents to utilize them to boost their incomes. He also promised the residents motorized transport boats to ease movement of people and goods on water bodies.

Hon. Ronald Kibuule thanked President Museveni for his presence at his family’s function and for the support. He pledged his constituents’ support to President Museveni and expressed their gratitude for the various government programs in the area.


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