Evening Classes Resume Today or We Take to the Streets – MAK Guild President

Makerere University Guild President Roy Semboga (Right in red gown) engages angry students on Wednesday morning.

Makerere University students on the evening program have Wednesday expressed their discontent towards the failure to be taught for a period of two weeks so far.

The angry students in red gowns poured to the university streets in a move to attract the attention of the administration which they say has remained unresponsive to their grievances.

Two weeks ago, information pills lecturers of the evening program at the university declared an industrial action demanding that government fulfills its pledge on their incentives.

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Students say this is very unfair especially given that the day students are carrying on with their studies. They also claim that it is them (evening students) that shoulder the biggest burden of fees.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, information pills the affected students stormed day classes forcing their colleagues on the day program to leave their lecture rooms.

ChimpReports interviewed some of the students who were protesting to understand their frustration.

“We are here to demonstrate peacefully as evening students so that our lectures can resume. You can imagine, more about we have spent two weeks without studying. They should solve their problems today and we start having our classes,” said Ronald Mwesigye a Law Student at Makerere University.

Mwesigye added; “By the way, the evening students pay the most and it’s us who sustain the university since all government students are on the day program. We need a quick and effective solution today because we don’t want the semester to be extended to Christmas period.”

Another student, Alex Musiime told Chimpreports; “We are here to struggle that lecturers start teaching. Whoever is concerned should give them their incentives because they are entitled to it. The dilemma is – day students are studying, we are going to sit the same exams but haven’t covered anything.”

Meanwhile the university Guild President elect Roy Semboga says the lecturers are being unfair to the students and that if no solution is provides today, students will stage a serious demonstration tomorrow.

According to Semboga, there’s an ongoing meeting between MUASA (the aggrieved), the university council, Management and the students guild to find a solution.

“Our stand as students is – there must be classes starting this evening. If not, we shall hit the streets as we always do and you know strikes here always bring forth solutions. It appears they have taken our patience for granted.”


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