South Sudan

EVACUATION PHOTOS: Riek Machar’s Foot Rots Away

Machar being rescued by United Nations

Former South Sudan First Vice President Dr Riek Machar is nursing a terrible foot infection after walking in the jungles of Equatoria for 40 days.

Pictures obtained by ChimpReports show Machar being evacuated by United Nations peacekeepers from the South-Sudan/DRC border.

The photographs provided by a reliable source further show Machar’s rotting foot as he lies on a bed.

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Dr Machar was flown to Khartoum where he is receiving specialized treatment.

The former rebel leader’s spokesperson, mind James Dak Gatdet recently told the press that his boss was slowly getting back on his feet.

“He has regained strength after exhaustion and swollen leg. We thank Sudanese government for care, order ” said Gatdet.

Machar’s miraculous escape from his base at Jebel which was shelled with heavy artillery to Equatoria and eventually Khartoum remains a matter of speculation.

A photo of Riek Machar's swollen foot after walking for over 40 days in the wilderness

A photo of Riek Machar’s swollen foot after walking for over 40 days in the wilderness

However, Defence officials say Juba deliberately allowed Machar leave the Capital City since his armed units had already been destroyed.

Sudan’s government said in a media statement on Monday that Machar arrived in “critical condition” which needed “immediate care.”

“Machar’s health is stable currently and he will remain in the country under comprehensive healthcare until he leaves to a destination of his choice to complete his treatment.”

Gatdet elaborated that, “After 40 days of walking on foot in the bushes (wilderness) for hundreds of kilometers, it is obvious that “any one”, even a young person, can get exhausted and would need care and plenty of rest for days before resuming his or her duty.”

He added: “And this is particularly when it was not a normal walk for exercise or hobby or camping, but with helicopter gunships and ground forces bombing him from the air and hunting for him on every single day.”


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