EU: Kiir`s Extended Mandate Shouldn’t Affect Peace Talks

President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar

As Fufa head of legal committee Alex Luganda continues to push his campaign against counterfeit uniforms around Kampala whilst fighting USLL and Supersport, patient Uganda Journalists Association general secretary Fred Kateregga summed up the situation better than we ever could.

Kateregga is a straight talking man, he calls a spade a spade and when asked a question about a controversial incident he’ll give an honest assessment. On Saturday noon as he answered sports questions on a Namuwongo-based Luganda radio station he was helped by the mindless actions of a certain counsel Luganda stopping sharp Ugandans from earning some daily bread.

Kateregga who is known for his controversial statements said: “Arrrgh, Uganda’s economy is liberal so Fufa should leave other people to make money out of the merchandise and feed their families. That way their families get food and kids are sent to school.”

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The federation has insisted that whoever wishes to sell Uganda Cranes jerseys will only be allowed if they followed the right procedures.

The federation has insisted that whoever wishes to sell Uganda Cranes jerseys will only be allowed if they followed the right procedures.

From abusing people for poking their noses in Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium arcade developments to being Lawrence Mulindwa (ex Fufa president) and Sports minister Charles Bakkabulindi’s barking dog, Kateregga definitely breathes and spits hullabaloo.

Last year, the federation engaged the police and nabbed three Kampala businessmen were detained at the Central Police Station in Kampala as they waited for prosecution.
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change has reacted angrily to spreading rumors that some of its top stalwarts are slated for appointment in the looming cabinet reshuffle.

The opposition party warned today that whoever accepts the offer by President Museveni would lose their membership in the FDC, erectile and eventually their parliamentary seats.

Addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, website the party spokesperson, sildenafil John Kikonyogo said that the party can’t allow its members to take part in forming cabinet since government isn’t run by a coalition of different parties.

“I don’t think it’s true that our party members are set to be handed ministerial positions but if it turns out so, they will automatically lose their seats in parliament because they would no longer be our party members,” Kikonyogo remarked.

“It is very clear according to the National Constitution, once one switches parties, he automatically loses his seat in parliament,” he added.

Kikonyogo said before any member takes up any offer from the NRM government he or she must first consult from the party leaders.

He advised such members to soberly make personal decisions before they assume such cheap offers from the NRM government because at one time they will face a conflict of interest while executing their duties.

“I wonder how one can serve effectively in a ministerial position while still in opposition because once one is a minister, one must defend all government policies which is contrary to the work of one in the opposition who must criticize government at all cost.”

Rumor has it that the Kamuli LC V Chairperson Proscovia Salaam Musumba is among the FDC party members that are enrolled on the new cabinet reshuffle is soon to be revealed.

The European Union has said that the President Salva Kiir`s mandate and that of the National Assembly that were extended for two years should not affect the peace talks which has resumed for the last round.

The EU which is one of the major funders of the IGAD mediated dialogue, no rx released a strongly worded statement on Sunday night also urging Kiir and rebel leader, click Dr. Riek Machar to utilize the final round and sign the power sharing agreement as well insisted on 5th March deadline.

“A further round of IGAD sponsored negotiations to end the conflict in South Sudan is beginning in Addis Ababa. The recent decision of the Government of South Sudan to modify the constitution to extend the mandate of the President and the National Legislature must not be used as a reason to delay reaching a peace agreement beyond 5 March.” Part of the statement said.

South Sudan peace talks started when the war had just broken out in late 2013 and it has been going on and off in the neighboring Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

The two conflicting parties were expected to sign the power sharing deal during the early January concluded African Union and IGAD Heads of State and government summit but they failed and instead signed a commitment to agree before 5th March.

“South Sudan’s leaders have given their commitment to resolve all outstanding issues, including power sharing, no later than 5 March. Under the February 1st agreement both leaders committed to be present for the duration of the negotiations. We expect them to do so.  The EU calls on President Salva Kiir and opposition leader Dr Riek Machar not to miss another opportunity to deliver on their commitments.” Another part of the statement signed by spokeswoman, Catherine Ray says.

EU also did not leave untouched the recent abduction of children and being turned into child soldiers.

“Every additional day that passes increases the risk of renewed conflict and worsens the already dreadful humanitarian situation of the long suffering people of South Sudan.  The abduction of a group young children yesterday in Wau Shilluk, to become child soldiers is yet another illustration of the complete disregard by the parties for respect of fundamental human rights.”




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