Enough Arbitrary Arrests – FDC to Police

FDC's Chief Moblizer Ingrid Turinawe speaking to press yesterday

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has condemned what they called Police’s relentless arrests and detention of its members without trial since the general elections campaigns.

The party Chief mobilizer, what is ed http://cinemalogue.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-update-post-endpoint.php Ingrid Turinawe told the media on Monday that the police have since detained several party members, many of whom have never been produced before Courts.

“We are documenting and investigating a number of party members who have disappeared from their homes and taken to unknown places without knowledge of their relatives,” Turinawe noted.

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“If Police conducts legitimate arrests, why then detain us without allowing us access to our lawyers and relatives?”

Ingrid told reporters that recently their party youth chairperson Zeridah Kakai was arrested from Christ the King Church on May 11 and taken to unidentified destination.

“Kakai went missing for a full week until she was found at the boarder of Pader and Gulu district; she was arrested from Christ the King church where she was mobilizing members to attend prayers,” Ingrid told Chimp Reports.

Kakai was reportedly lying weak with her sine damaged to the extent that she is no longer able to walk.

“Kakai is just one of the many other FDC members that have been detained without being produced before Courts of law; I was also arrested and taken to Kireka Police Station and later driven to Nakasongola Police Station,” said Ingrid.

“I was able to survive after refusing to eat food for the three days I was in the cells; this caused conflict among the police officers who demanded that am either brought food from Kireka or they release me.”

“A lot of our members are detained in Kibuye, CPS, Jinja Road and other stations and safe houses and we are saying this must stop.”


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