Emulate Heroes, Preserve Rwanda’s Achievements – Youths Urged

Young Rwandans in Rusheshe Cell of Masaka Sector of Kicukiro District  renovating Sibomana's house

The Executive Secretary of the Rwanda National Youth Council, viagra Robert Mwesigwa has urged young Rwandans to preserve the achievements of the Country by learning lessons from the Heroes.

Young People across the Country were participating in their quarterly Community Service (Umuganda) to renovate the houses of people living with disabilities On Saturday  21 January 2017.

The special Community Service for Youth was organised by the National Youth Council under the Ministry of Youth and ICT in partnership with the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC), order the Chancellery for Heroes, National Order and Decoration of Honour (CHENO) among others.

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Mwesigwa said “youth have to learn lessons from the good example of Heroes who contributed in the liberation struggle.”

The Community Service was conducted at Cell level in all Districts of Rwanda last Saturday morning with thousands of youth participants cleaning schools and making renovation of houses for poor families.

Bosco Nshimiyimana, youth representative in Rusheshe Cell of Masaka Sector in Kicukiro District, said the Saturday’s community service was an opportunity for the youth to think of heroism that characterized Rwandan Heroes.

“Rwandan youth are honoured to make our contribution to build the Country by supporting their communities,” he said.

In Rusheshe Cell, hundreds of youth participated in the hand-working activities to repair the house of Bosco Sibomana that was demolished by rainstorm. The Calamity left Sibomana with no place to lay his head.

Rusheshe’s youth representative said “Sibomana is currently being accommodated by his neighbours while his house is being renovated.”

The Executive Secretary of Rusheshe Cell, Yvonne Mutezinka said they will continue to add more efforts to finish the construction of Sibomana’s house soon.

“We continue to show our contribution to support our community, the youth are the force of the country to do that and we thank them for supporting Sibomana,” she lauded hundreds of youth at Sibomana’s house.

Sibomana thanked Rwandan Youth for their values of love, hard-work and patriotism in order to accomplish Heroism like those who gave their blood for the sake of liberating Rwanda  from the ‘hands of the devil.’

The Heroes’ day is celebrated on February 01 each year. This year theme is ‘Heroism is about making choices that fit us.’

The quarterly  Umuganda was initiated by Rwandan Youth to put into practice the recommendations of previous civic education (Itorero) for youth leaders from across the country.

Young Rwandans find these activities at the forefront to promote the ownership of volunteerism and the participation in Rwanda’s positive change.


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