EID: Kayihura Issues Terror Alert

As Muslims in the country gather today to mark this year’s Eid Adhuha, doctor try police is calling for extra vigilance as there could be a terror attack in the city center.

Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura informed the Muslim community last evening that they were anticipating a terror attack by the Somali based Islamist group Alshabaab on a mosque in Kampala today.

“In particular, they [terrorists] are targeting mosques such as TANHID Mosque in located in Kisenyi, Central Kampala,” said Kayihura in a statement.

The IGP appealed to the Muslims and the public to be on the constant lookout for suspicious people, and to report them to police.

“Look out for anything or anybody suspicious…they may be putting on a long court …be bold and challenge them to identify themselves and what they might be carrying, and immediately report to the nearest police on patrol, police station or any other security personnel.”

Kayihura however, assured the Muslims that police has in place extra measures to ensure that the city and the country and Eid celebrations are successful.

Meanwhile Prayers are underway in Kampala and around the country to celebrate Eid Adhuha where Muslims get to honor the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son, as an act of submission to God’s command.


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