Educating Girls Limits Teenage Pregnancies – Minister

The Minister of State for Health and Primary Care, ask Dr Moriku Kaducu, has revealed the existence of a high rate of teenage pregnancy in Kole District.

She made the remarks while officiating the Vaccination Exercise against Hepatitis B, at Aboke Health Center 1V, in Kole District. The exercise is jointly being conducted by the UPDF and health centre’s medical staff to mark the 2017 Army week.

The Minister called upon parents to restore cultural norms, morals and values in their homes, educate girls and warned girls to stop running with “sugar daddies”, to avoid being infect with HIV/AIDS or even getting unwanted pregnancies.

DrKaducu, appreciated UPDF for providing free medical treatment to communities inKole District and other parts ofLango sub region during the ongoingDefence ForcesWeek.

However, she revealed that the prevalence of malaria is going down due to the preventive measures by the Ministry of Health like Provision of Mosquito Nets and indoor residual Spraying.

The Minister finally cautioned communities against drinking alcohol in sachets, smoking which endangers their health and lured people to maintain proper hygiene in their homes to avoid the danger of contracting illnesses.

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