EC Urged to De-register Dormant Political Parties

Makerere's Dr Simba SSali

Makerere University Professor, hospital Dr. Salli Simba has Wednesday advised the Electoral Commission to consider cancellation and de-registration of political parties in the country that not functional.

Dr. Simba made the call during a youth symposium organized by the National Youth Council (NYC) while presenting a paper on “Youth in a Multiparty Political Dispensation”.

He says the Election Commission should consider deregistering parties that have failed to field a single candidate for key elective positions.

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“Political Parties are formed with the aim of taking over power and ensuring representation at elective positions; despite the country having a total of 29 registered parties, only 18 parties participated in the 2016 General elections, ” Dr. Simba noted.

“How can a serious political party fail to field even a single candidate at the grassroots level of election; I wouldn’t blame any political party if it fails to field a candidate at the Parliamentary level and Presidential level because the cost is too high.

Dr. Simba says it is incomprehensible to see that a political party that gathered signatures country wide for registration fails to nominate a candidate even at grassroots levels yet the financial and education requirements are very affordable.

“Not that the candidate should win but participate; if for 12 or 15 years you are not able to sponsor or field a candidate at the lowest level of government then your existence or relevance is questioned.”



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