Election 2016

EC Denies Postponing Nomination Exercise to Favor NRM

EC Spokesperson Jotham Taremwa addressing reporters at Media center recently

Following the extension of nomination dates of 2016 presidential elections from 5th and 6th October to 3rd and 4th November, about it http://coachesacrosscontinents.org/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-comments-list-table.php several accusations have piled onto the Electoral Commission (EC) for operating in favor of the ruling NRM party.

Critics hold that the EC headed by Eng Badru Kiggundu was compelled to revise the roadmap to allow the ruling party catch up with the national program, nurse having delayed to hold their delegates meeting to select their flag bearer.

The party also postponed most of its grassroots primary elections which we now understand have been rescheduled to next week.

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EC spokesperson Jotham Taremwa during an EC Media Night organized at the Media Centre in Kampala on Friday, vehemently denied the accusations when tasked by journalists to explain the unprecedented change.

“Our postponement of election period is completely unrelated to that of the NRM. We issued the roadmap to guide the stakeholders to know what we are doing. There are a few countries that issue these roadmaps, but we did this because we wanted the public to both follow us and audit us.”

“We had earlier proposed that all electoral amendments would have ended by 27th February last year but since the amendments came in the other day, we have to interpret them on how they impact on our work and what needs to be changed.”

“So our response to these amendments has no relationship at all with the organization of any party.”

Taremwa added that the public shouldn’t be alarmed by the extension of the exercise since several amendments within the roadmap have been done since the entire process started.


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