EC Cautions Mbabazi on Public Rallies

Opposition Democratic Alliance (TDA) has assured Ugandans the coalition will be able to reveal its joint flag-bearer by September 14 despite what is seen as a delay in decision making ahead of the 2016 elections.

There was considerable concern that the alliance might fail to catch up with the Electoral Commission roadmap which requires all presidential candidates to return their nomination forms by September 21.

However, capsule http://davenportchiropractic.com/wp-admin/includes/theme-install.php TDA Acting Chairman and FDC National Chairman, visit this http://dayacounselling.on.ca/wp-includes/nav-menu-template.php Amb. Waswa Biriggwa told journalists at the TDA secretariat in Naguru that the flag-bearer would be unveiled in time.

He reiterated the need to harmonise different positions from several groups to reach a common position on key issues ahead of the national campaigns.

Today’s summit lasted over 7 hours.

2016 Plan 

It is reported that members discussed extensively the strategy to be adopted to remove President Museveni from power.

Some members reportedly advocated for the holding of civil disobedience campaigns to pressure government to adopt electoral reforms.

Government recently adopted several electoral reforms but civil and political activists say the most important ones were ignored.

Members who attended the meeting include Dr Kizza Besigye, Biriggwa, UPC’s Olara Otunnu, ex MP Okello Okello, FDC President Mugisha Muntu among others.

Biriggwa told journalists that FDC National Executive Committee (NEC) members on Monday took a decision to participate in the 2016 polls irrespective of prevailing circumstances despite the party flag bearer, Dr Besigye maintaining his call to push for electoral reforms before elections take place.

Besigye has on several occasions been quoted assuring the public that there was no need to participate in the 2016 elections if the electoral reforms were not in place.

On accommodating presidential aspirant, Amama Mbabazi, Biriggwa observed that TDA shall go on with its laid down road map whether the former premier joins or not.

“We must all understand that during Mbabazi’s first visit to the alliance, he raised several concerns and we requested him to put his claims in writing so that we can find a way of harmoniously reaching a decision,” said Biriggwa.

“We haven’t received any submission from him but we are ready to deal with them once brought to our attention; this is may be because he is still very busy with consultative meetings.”

All aspiring TDA joint presidential candidates are expected to return their nomination forms by September 10.
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Presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi has finally arrived in Kapchorwa, nurse http://consolibyte.com/wp-includes/pomo/translations.php Chimp Corps report.

Mbabazi met several ‘roadblocks’ staged by excited people who included women and children urging him to address them.

At one stopover, hospital Mbabazi joined women in a cultural dance.

The size of crowds that gathered at Boma Grounds in Kapchorwa is much less than in Mbale yesterday.

Mbabazi is expected to address the gathering after which he will meet key strategists for a consultative meeting.

Crowds debate

Earlier, store Mbabazi said the crowds that welcomed him in Mbale wanted to hear his message.

However, Research Presidential Assistant, Morrison Rwakakamba described the gathering as a “curious crowd”.

From Harvard University, Rwakakamba said the crowds welcoming Mbabazi “will shrink after this curiosity translates in knowledge of the man who had chance and power to do something but didn’t and is now promising false hope and reverse forward.”

Asked to expound more on is submission, Rwakakamba added: “Mbabazi is cryptic in his messaging and communication.  He is not direct and millions will find it difficult to relate to his agenda.”

Mbabazi today jokingly said he has been around for a long time and that there is nothing new to make anyone curious.

“Do I look like a giraffe that they would come to see me? I am ordinary but they came to hear what I have,” he added.

Not a Threat

However, Rwakakamba said Mbabazi has always found it difficult to convince voters genuinely.

“In Kinkizi West constituency, he used hard power as flagship of his electioneering. Now he must rely on soft power which is in short supply in his campaign,” he added.

Asked whether NRM was intimidated by Mbabazi’s reception in Mbale, Rwakakamba observed: “Not at all. Not at all.”

He said 2016 polls will be “a Museveni-Besigye affair and Museveni will win massively as in 2011.”

At Boma grounds, traditional groups are engaged in a cultural dance entertaining the former Prime Minister.
The Electoral Commission has cautioned presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi against holding public rallies before being nominated as a candidate, diagnosis http://craigpatchett.com/wp-content/plugins/related-posts/config.php saying he should stick to consultation meetings.

Mbabazi was recently cleared by police to hold consultations across the country to prepare for his nomination ahead of the 2016.

He has so far addressed two rallies in Mbale and Kapchorwa, view promising to tackle the country’s poor healthcare and theoretical education system once elected president.

EC Secretary Sam Rwakoojo took to social media platform Twitter, saying “Presidential aspirants can only hold consultative meetings but not public rallies.”

He added: “So what Amama Mbabazi is doing is wrong.”

He cited Section 3 of Presidential Elections Act (2005) which he said does not provide for aspirants to use public platforms to campaign.

The Act states that while consulting under subsection (1), a presidential aspirant may carry out nation-wide consultations; prepare his or her manifesto and other campaign materials; raise funds for his or her campaign through lawful means; and convene meetings of national delegates.

It further provides that while consulting, the aspirant shall introduce himself or herself to the Commission and notify the relevant local council and the police of the area to which he or she goes.

The EC also said on its handle that “’Presidential ‘aspirants’ are not ‘candidates’ yet and can therefore not start campaigns. Aspirants can only consult and mobilise signatures.’”

Mbabazi’s camp is yet to respond to EC’s concerns.


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