EALA Set to Table Bill Protecting Albinos

Hon Shyrose Bhanji moves the Motion for the Resolution to end Gender Based Violence in the region. She has been granted permission to move motion for the Albinism Bill

An EAC Protection of people with albinism Bill, more about 2016 is in the offing with the House granting its mover, Hon Shyrose Bhanji leave to introduce the Bill.

The object of the Bill is to prohibit the discrimination against people suffering with albinism and to ensure affirmative action in their favour.

It also stipulates the sanctions against those who indulge in suffocating the rights of persons with Albinism.  The Bill hopes to put in place sanctions including conviction of those who discriminate against albinos.

The object of the Act is to promote dignity and equal opportunities for persons with albinism.   The Bill seeks to eliminate all forms of discrimination of persons with albinism on grounds of their disability.

“There are people with albinism who are killed in face of negative beliefs and witchcraft.  We live in a modern society and such beliefs have no place in the world today. Such killings should be stopped and are criminal, ” Hon Bhanji said.

“We must also put in place/propagate for affirmative action for those with albinism”, she added.

Rising in support of the Motion were Hon Mike Sebalu, Hon Maryam Ussi Yahya, Hon Dr James Ndahiro, Hon Patricia Hajabakiga and Hon AbuBakr Ogle. Other Members were Hon Abubakar Zein, Hon Valerie Nyirahabineza and Hon Taslima Twaha.


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