EALA ELECTIONS: Trembling NRM to Court Independent MPs

Museveni with the six NRM EALA candidates

The ruling National Resistance Movement party that has the comfortable majority of two thirds of legislators is set to meet the independent members today morning, page a day before the East African Legislative Assembly polls.

The meeting scheduled at Parliamentary building for 10am according to sources at the Government Chief Whip’s office, and is to strike a deal with the leaning independent Members of Parliament to vote for all the 6 NRM candidates. The NRM would also in turn vote an independent candidate who is yet to be agreed.

“In politics nothing is done until it is done. We need any potential ally at this time to comfortably secure victories today,” a source from NRM said.

The independent members are 66 accounting for 16 percent of the total members and bigger than the combined opposition members.

NRM has 6 candidates in the race including former ministers Rose Akol and Mary Mugenyi, former Government Chief Whip’s office Policy Analyst Paul Musamali, former RDC George Innocent Odongo and former NRM National Youth boss Denis Namara.

The independent candidates in the race are however 37 and there is only one slot for them in the race.

Confusion continues in the biggest opposition party, Forum for Democratic Change and all the two candidates are still in the race.

Party President, Gen. Mugisha Muntu last week wrote a controversial letter to withdraw Ingrid Turinawe from the race but it was disregarded by Parliament due to the breach of rules of procedures of Parliament.

Members of Parliament are supposed to elect 9 for EALA tomorrow, February 28th.


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