EALA Elections: FDC’s Ingrid Booed On Parliament Floor

Members of Parliament commenced Tuesday morning, more about the election of Uganda’s representatives to the East African Legislative Assembly.

The election which kicked off mid morning saw different candidates, patient — majority of who are running on the independent ticket — take turns to campaign before the members.

The highlight of the day however, stuff was FDC’ Ingrid Turinawe, who upon reaching the podium was booed by NRM members, sparking a 15 minute chaotic scene on the floor.

Business came to a standstill  before Mrs Tunirawe could open her mouth to speak as NRM members chanted “No Vote.”

The speaker Rebecca Kadaga made efforts to calm the situation with no success.

Fellow FDC MP also attempted to argue with their colleagues from the ruling party to allow her chance to speak but the noise only worsened.

Some members were seen branding placards, targeting the FDC iron lady while others threw them at the podium where she was standing.

The MPs accused Ingrid of calling them MPigs, while some of them were heard shouting “No MPigs here”

With no hopes of calming the situation, the Speaker through the House’s Sargent at Arms advised Ingrid to proceed with her speech amidst the checking.

In her speech, Turinawe said her campaign had exposed the rot in Parliament.


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