Eagle Online Offices Broken Into

A glass window that was broken by thugs

Workers at Eagle online media publication today woke up to a shocker after unidentified thugs broke into their offices on Sunday June 25 at third floor Ntinda Shopping Centre, fleeing with property worth Shs3.5m.

Two laptops were taken; one belonging to Richard Wanambwa, the founder and Chief Executive officer of Eagle Online and the other to a reporter.

According to Wanambwa, after robbing property from the office, “they (thugs) went to the lower level where they broke into the DSTV offices but didn’t take anything.”

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Wanamba says they found a broken glass, but wonders how thugs broke in, yet “Behind the building where we suspect the thugs to have used to access our office is a no go zone as it has no entry.”

He also maintains that that accessing their floor “one is searched”, and “at night, there are four guards on duty and the other three guarding two banks and Forex Bureau.”

“At night the building is closed as early as 10pm, unless on permission that one can remain operating,” he adds.

Commenting on the situation, Giles Muhame, the President of Online Media Publishers Association (OMPA) condemned the gross act and also appealed to relevant bodies to join in for in-depth investigation.

“I condemn in the strongest terms possible the raiding of our member’s premises. We appeal to relevant bodies to conduct an in-depth investigation into this incident and if possible provide adequate security to Eagle Online officials and their office,” he said.

“We will in the meantime support efforts aimed at helping the affected news website to continue its operations,” he added.


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