Drama in Policeman Ariong’s Murder Case

Ariong key  murder suspect Waako being led to court cells

The United Nations refugee agency, viagra UNHCR announced on Monday that it is taking urgent measures to contain the spread of a severe watery diarrhea outbreak among newly arrived Burundian refugees in the neighboring Tanzania, viagra 100mg as seven people have been reported dead.

Tanzania has the highest number of refugees from the small East African nation that was engulfed in political crisis following the intentions of President Pierre Nkuruzinza to run for office for the third time sparking violent protests mainly in capital Bujumbura.

The refugees who already lack basics have sadly been invaded by the disease that spreads quickly in such muddled and unhygienic conditions and UNHCR says they are expecting for the worst.

“UNHCR’s priority is to work with the Ministry of Health and international partners to prepare for the worst and quickly establish a cholera treatment center in Kagunga,” Joyce Mends-Cole from the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Tanzania said in a press release.

“There is only a small dispensary in that village, lacking required diagnostics and treatment modalities – including medication,” she added.

“The UN refugee agency is also flying in urgently needed medication, to supplement what can be found locally. Two specimens have preliminary been diagnosed as cholera, but we are awaiting official confirmation from a reference laboratory.”

Another 77 Burundians in Nyarugusu – in the western province of Kigoma – are being treated for severe watery diarrhoea. Some 300 people are being treated for watery diarrhoea at Kagunga – near the Tanzanian border – and at the Stadium in Kigoma.

Kagunga is a small village surrounded by a steep mountain range on the Tanzanian side and is best accessible by boat. Since Burundian refugees started to arrive in Kagunga early May, UNHCR has moved them by boat to Kigoma and from there to the refugee camp in Nyarugusu.

More than 20,000 refugees have either been moved to, or arrived at the refugee camp. Meanwhile, UNHCR is taking urgent preventative measures to improve sanitation, hygiene and early detection, as well as a hygiene promotion information campaign.

In Tanzania, the number of refugees arriving in Kagunga has risen sharply over the last few days and the living conditions have become extremely dire.
Drama unfolded yesterday at High court in Kampala during the hearing of the case where Waako Edison is accused of murdering ASP John Michael Ariong in the 2012 protests in the city center.

Wako’s lawyer Ssenkezi  steven informed court that his client was ready to start his defense, order but on stepping ion the dock, visit this site Waako state that before uttering anything else he needed the State to fist bring forward the video in which he killed the police officer; plunging the court house into laughter.

High court Judge Jane Alidiviza then to the initiative to advise the accused that it’s not the duty of court to direct the prosecution on which kind of evidence they should bring to court but court has only the duty to evaluate the evidence and pronounce its judgment basing on provided facts.

The judge adjourned the case to 25th May after taking in consideration defense counsel’s request for a short adjournment to be able to brief his client.

Prosecution alleges that ASP Ariong died in March 2012 on the way to Mulago after he was hit by a brick from the top of the building which was under construction on Ben Kiwanuka.


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