Drama as Police Grabs Activist Allan Kitonsa

Police officers grab political activist Allan Kitonsa

Drama unfolded this afternoon at Buganda Road court at the commencement of the trial in which political activist Allan Kitonsa is accused of Assaulting Corporal Paul Masiko, about it a prisons officer on 20th September while on duty at the same court.

At the court, online the activist Kitonsa was grabbed by police officers who claimed to be enforcing an earlier court order for the former’s arrest.

The Nakawa chief magistrates court recently issued criminal summons against Kitonsa to appear before the court and answer to charges relating to assaulting another prisons officer.

Moments later however at CPS, medical he was released after the intervention of his lawyer Rwadslaus Rwakafuuzi who has explained to police officers that it’s not in order to arrest somebody basing criminal summons since the norm is that such arrested are conducted after issuance of a warrant of arrest.

Before Buganda Road court chief magistrate Jamson Karemani, Corporal Masiko a prisons officer who alleges to have been assaulted by Kitonsa was the first prosecution witness to testify.

He informed court that on 20th September 2016 he was deployed as a guard at Buganda Road court cells from where he was called by Cadet ASP Julius Kisembo  that they needed more man power in Court Room 3.

“I moved up and found that Kitonsa and the other co accused had refused to return back to cells. Later on his colleagues accepted to return to cells but Kitonsa refused and grabbed my collar, punched me and hit me in the abdomen which left my uniform torn,” he said.

Masiko adds that he was advised and reported the matter to Police where he was given a police form he took to the Police surgeon and the next day he handed the torn shirt to Police.

The second witness, Evans Akampa 24, a prisons warder attached to Murchison Bay Prison informed court that on that day, he heard Kitonsa abusing corporal Masiko that he was stupid and therefore he didn’t want him to touch him.

Another witness ASP Julius Kisembo an officer who was in charge of all Prisons escorts that came to Buganda road said, “After the magistrate ruling that was not in favor of Kitonsa and his colleagues, their group of supporters advanced towards the state prosecutor. I texted corporal Masiko to send us more power but as he came in Kitonsa grabbed him by the neck and boxed him”

This case has been adjourned to 7th December for further hearing


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