Dr. Tanga Odoi Launches Leadership Training Workshops in Schools

Dr Tanga Odoi

Makerere University Convocation, purchase an association that brings together all the Lecturers, drug Alumni and Staff of the University on Friday launched a series of leadership training of secondary school students with an aim of nurturing good leaders in the country.

The Chairperson of the Convocation, Dr. Tanga Odoi told the media at Makerere University that the association decided to roll out a series of conferences on leadership and other topical issues that concern the country to the young people who he said are disorganized and confused by political events in the country.

Tanga said; “These youngsters nowadays are diverted to form the force to be used for violence, they are diverted to always think of being dependent on their parents and thinking that unless one is from a rich family, they can’t make it in life.”

He noted that Convocation touches on a spectrum of different kinds of people with different kinds of background, the training will focus on instilling confidence among students to realize that they have the capability of standing firm.

Tanga added that the University Convocation wants to partner with Government in handling the youth, elderly and untapped talents.

“We are going to roll different chapters in all regions in the country, we have started with Kampala in the Central region; we shall proceed to Eastern region specifically in Jinja and Mbale before the End of year Exams,” Tanga remarked.

“We want those students who are still in schools and those who have just left to know that as a team, we are ready to play our role of nurturing credible and trustworthy leaders in the country.”

“We also intend to use it to tap resources for the University from those that have passed through the gates of Makerere; for a long time, the convocation has only been known within the University and on graduation parties alone but we are now rolling it out beyond graduation.”

Tanga reiterated that with a series of seminars, the association is going to tap into the political leaders of this country including the President and the First Lady who are all members of the Convocation to often go back to Makerere not for politics but for institutional and social nurturing.


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