Dr. Tanga Asks Makerere to Clear Air on Sex for Marks Scandal

Dr Tanga Odoi

The Makerere University convocation chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi has asked the administration of the institution of higher learning to come out and clear the air about the ‘sex for marks’ scandal which is eating up the Ivory Tower.

In the past few months, search over 4 lecturers have been accused of molesting female students in return for marks.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, the convocation boss said the university name has on many occasions been tarnished by lecturers who have turned the institution into something to be laughed at which he said should not continue.

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“Next week we are going to ask management to pronounce themselves on this issue. Management and the PRO haven’t come out to deny the allegations. The silence therefore means it is right,” Dr.Tanga said.
He warned lecturers that the convocation cannot sit and relax when a few individuals are soiling the University name.

“Lecturers and staff who think students are something to play about and can go to bed with them are warned. We shall fish you from your offices or classes and take you to where you belong.”
“The classroom is not a theatre of love but to extend knowledge to students.”

According to Dr. Tanga, lecturers are using the excuse of coursework and marks, which they hold onto to lure the desperate students into their traps.

“After these students have left school, they can become wives but that cannot be fulfilled when they are molested by lecturers. The university and classrooms should not be turned into a theatre of love.”

Tanga said they will start following up on lecturers who delay students’ marks and deal with the vice.

He said the convocation will starting with the new semester engage with  students in seminars, highlighting the dangers of sexual harassment adding they are set to invite big figures in women emancipation like the first lady and education minister Janet Kataaha Museveni and Miria Matembe to speak to  the students.

“There is a policy on sexual harassment that ought to have been followed but the problem is implementation. We can’t sit back and let the pride of Makerere fade.”

He said the policy should be put into implementation so as to bite those turning the university into something laughable.



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