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Dr Kizza Besigye: My Life is in Danger

Dr Besigye at Nakawa Court on Wednesday (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

Former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has been charged afresh with treason by the Nakawa Magistrate’s Court before being sent back to Luzira prison.

Besigye last week faced similar charges in Moroto but his file was later sent to Nakawa Court.

Nakawa Chief Magistrate James Eremye on Wednesday read the charges before informing the FDC strongman that his case can only be heard by the High Court.

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According to the prosecution led by Deborah Itwau, order http://coachesacrosscontinents.org/wp-admin/includes/class-plugin-upgrader.php Besigye and others still at large “between February 20 and May 11 in diverse places of Uganda formed an intention to compel by force or constrain the Government of Uganda, order http://cornerstone-edge.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-list-posts-v1-1-endpoint.php as by law established, http://certoclear.com/wp-includes/template.php to change its measures or counsels as the lawfully established methods of ascending to the Office of President of the Republic of Uganda as by law prescribed ad manifested such intention by covert acts and utterances.”

Prosecution contends that Besigye at various places in Wakiso and Kampala districts demanded for an independent international audit be conducted before a new President can be sworn-in.

“On April 7, at Kasangati in Wakiso District, Besigye uttered words to the effect that he would establish a cabinet for Uganda,” reads part of the charge sheet seen by ChimpReports.

Between Feb. 20 and May 11, according to prosecution, Besigye “unlawfully declared himself winner of the presidential elections 2016” and “incited the public to defy lawful authority and mobilised the masses to attend his swearing-in as president of Uganda.”

Besigye on arrival at Nakawa Court

Besigye on arrival at Nakawa Court

Besigye, who disputes the results of the February 18 presidential elections, is further accused of “unlawfully taking presidential oath and undertaking to execute the functions and duties of the president of Uganda.”

The prosecutor told court investigations were still ongoing, asking court to send the accused back to prison.

Besigye Protests

In a rare scenario, the accused was allowed sometime to address his grievances to court before being returned to Luzira.

Besigye, who turned away city lawyer Shifrah Lukwago, told court he had not asked anyone to represent him and that he therefore didn’t expect any lawyer in court.

The FDC strongman narrated to court what he termed as unfair treatment since the time he was arrested in Kampala, driven to Moroto and later flown back to Kampala.

“I was arrested driven to Nalufenya police station, then to Jinja airfield and later flown in a police chopper to Moroto where we arrived at around 7:00pm,” Besigye narrated.

“I have realised an intended mission by the state to prosecute me considering a whole director of the CID who confessed of fabricating evidence against me which is a clear indication of government efforts to persecute me.”

He said that after the February 18 polls; he was illegally detained at his home for over 45 days which he argued was wrong and unconstitutional.

Wrong forum

However the state prosecutors asked court to bar Besigye from making such claims, adding that this was not the right court through which he could address the issues.

“It appears he (Besigye) is addressing the press yet this is not the right forum for such. I pray all he has raised be addressed to the High Court where the matter is triable,” Itwau asked court.

Besigye however insisted that the concerns he is raising are not related to the matter in court but rather  related to how  he is being treated and that his life is in danger, asking for some remedy.

The Chief Magistrate however informed Besigye that he can only raise the concerns in the High Court.

The FDC official was remanded at Luzira prison until June 1 when he will be back to court.

Besigye was arrested this past Thursday in the city centre before being flown to Moroto government prison before being returned to Kampala.

Following his Thursday arrest, a video was circulated to different media platforms in which Besigye was being ‘sworn in’ as president of Uganda.


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