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Dr Kiyingi Fires Back at Gen Kayihura

Dr Kiyingi  (in photo) says he will not be intimidated by Gen Kayihura

Australia-based cardiologist Dr Aggrey Kiyingi, erectile dosage whom government accuses of funding terrorist ADF-led assassinations of Muslim clerics to destabilise Uganda, approved has warned Gen Kale Kayihura that he is not “shaken” by the police boss’ arrest threats.

Kayihura recently said police were exploring the possibility of seeking international action against Kiyingi to face charges of treason and terrorism here in Uganda.

The Police boss on Tuesday told journalists that during the festive season, Kiyingi mobilised ex LRA fighters and ADF to attack Uganda on Christmas Day.

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Documents submitted at Nakawa High Court a week ago by State Prosecutor, Ann Ntimba during the hearing of a case in which several suspects are accused of killing top Muslim Clerics in the country, implicate Kiyingi.

Ntimba said the state boasts irrefutable evidence pinning Dr Kiyingi in raising funds to support the recruitment of ADF combatants and their subversive operations.

Responding to the threats and accusations today, Kiyingi says in a brief statement that, “It’s easier in Uganda to frame someone and put him or her away for a crime he or she didn’t do but, very hard here (Australia)”

Kiyingi, who has since expressed intentions to stand for President in 2016, says he is “entitled to freedom to practice my rights as a Ugandan.”

He further probed: “Is it now attacking the police stations the new topic? Which is which? First it was Muslim clerics, now police stations and you still ask what these allegations are all about?”

The prominent doctor practicising from Sydney pointed out that, “I am not shaken whatsoever with any threats or even stones thrown in my way. Those who seem concerned about my life don’t be.”

Kiyingi today said, “I knew everything which is done to people who care for Uganda before announcing. Better to die fighting for the right than to live in the shadow of what is not right.”

While Kiyingi was acquitted of charges of murdering his wife Robinah Kiyingi in Kampala, many a Ugandan believes he was guilty but survived conviction after the death of a prime witness.

The State contends Kiyingi funnelled money through his rebel group Federal Alliance to hire jailed Tabliq Sect leader, Sheikh Kamoga to kill Sheikhs Mustapha Bahiga and Abdul Kadhri Muwaya.

The killings, according to Ntimba, would cultivate a fertile ground for sowing seeds of hatred and discontentment towards President Museveni’s government ahead of the 2016 presidential election in which Kiyingi intends to participate.

Prosecutor Ntimba further revealed that meetings were held in Nairobi by Kiyingi’s associates to facilitate the destabilisation of Uganda.


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