Election 2016

Dr Kamugisha Quits Rukungiri MP Race

Dr Alex Kamugisha (R) has exited the Rukungri MP race

Former state minister for health Dr. Alex Kamugisha has quit the race for the Rukungiri municipality parliamentary seat.

Dr Kamugisha was standing as an independent candidate for the seat after losing in last year’s NRM primaries to Dr Eric Rutahigwa.

In a letter dated 5th February 2016 to the Electoral Commission, this site http://chicagoarchitecture.org/wp-admin/includes/admin-filters.php Dr Kamugisha says he ‘decided’ to quit the race.

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While speaking at a press conference at Randovoles Hotel in Rukungiri town attended by Information Minister Rtd. Major General Jim Muhwezi, treatment http://ctrdv.fr/pmb3/opac_css/includes/simple_search_add_language.inc.php Kamugisha said he took the decision after realizing that is candidature was tearing up the ruling party to the advantage of the opposition.

Having joined the current government 30 years ago and helped in its establishment, Kamugisha said he regretted his actions of trying to divide its supporters in Rukungiri.

Despite being cheated in the NRM Primaries, he said he decided to step aside for the winner, for the good of the party.

The Rukungiri Municipality MP race now remains between Dr Eric Rutahigwa and the incumbent FDC’s Roland Kaginda Mugume who is also vice chairperson of the opposition party in western Uganda.

Sources inside the NRM party however, intimate that Dr Kamugisha quit the race after a meeting with President Yoweri Museveni and a host of party leaders while he was in Rukungiri last month.

President Museveni at a rally at Rukungiri stadium told the locals that he felt betrayed when they voted an opposition MP, shortly after he granted them a Municipality.


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