DPC Joram Mwesigye Convicted for Assaulting Journalist

Former DPC Jorum Mwesigye in court recently

Buganda Road Grade One Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu has convicted former Old Kampala DPC Joram Mwesigye of assaulting Andrew Lwanga, approved a former WBS journalist.

The magistrate ruled Friday afternoon that the 5 prosecution witnesses helped prove all the ingredients of the assault case.

She  pointed out that the footage which was submitted to court clearly showed Joram hitting Andrew Lwanga several times before he fell down and was later taken away in white Mark II car that was being driven by the accused to Old Kampala; from where he was later picked and driven to Mulago hospital.

She added that the now convicted DPC is seen clearly in his khaki uniform with his name Mwesigye inscribed, as the protesting youths asked him why he beat Lwanga, to which he responded that no one had touched the journalist.

The magistrate dismissed Mwesigye’s defense that he couldn’t differentiate journalists from the protesting youths, as Lwanga was dressed in a blue WBS Shirt showing that he was PRESS. He also had a camera.

For causing bodily harm, the magistrate concluded that there was proof of the scans from Nsambya Hospital showing Lwanga’s damaged spine.

Also the doctor from the hospital testified in court that Lwanga had a swelling behind his left ear and mild swelling in his chest that was caused by a blunt object

Mwesigye however, was acquitted on the case of property damage as state failed to prove the ownership of the destroyed gadgets and proof that they were destroyed.


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