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DPC Baguma Disappears; Court Issues Warrant of Arrest

Former Kampala DPC Aaron Baguma is wanted for  murder

Buganda Road Chief Magistrate Jamson Karemani has issued a warrant of arrest for former Kampala Central Police Station DPC Aron Baguma who is facing murder charges together with Pine Car Bond proprietor  Muhammad Sebuufu.

Baguma did not show up in court today as per the criminal summons which was issued to him by the same court last week.

State Attorney Jonathan Muwaganya today asked the trial magistrate to issue a warrant of arrest to Baguma whose current whereabouts police denied knowledge of.

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According to the Prosecutor, shop when they reached out to the police authorities, here they denied knowledge of Baguma’s current residence and location.

“We sent the summons together with Police file but we were informed that his current address is not known since his last known place of aboard was the office of DPC CPS” Muwaganya submitted.

Police through its deputy mouthpiece Polly Namaye has earlier revealed that Baguma was undergoing 4 month intermediate staff course at the Senior Staff and Commanders school in Bwebajja.

Muwaganya informed court that in the first place, the law does not require court to serve offenders of criminal offences as it is being done to Baguma.

The magistrate thus issued a warrant of arrest, asking anybody who comes across Baguma to produce him to court to be read his charges.

“The warrant of arrest is issued against him not only to IGP as earlier on requested by the state. If other senior officers who are on higher rank than him have appeared in court over different charges who is he?” wondered the Magistrate.

On the other hand, four of Baguma’s co-accused who include Sebuufu, Shaban Oduttu, Kitayimbwa Yoweri, and  Damaseni Sentongo were present in court for mentioning of their charges.

However one of the accused Oduttu Shaban asked the magistrate to order the prisons officers to take him for treatment because he was seriously tortured by Police officers while in detention.

The magistrate promised to meet him in his chambers to discuss more about that.  The case has been adjourned up to 1st September for mention.

DPC Baguma according to prosecution was at the scene of the murder of business woman Donah Katushabe but never made any effort to save her life, which makes him an accessory to the crime.




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