DP Youths Urge Chairman Keezala to Turn Down Museveni’s Appointment

The Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) have appealed to the DP National chairman Mohammed Baswale Keezala to turn down Museveni’s appointment so as to save the opposition party from humiliation.

The UYD President Christopher Okidi noted in a statement that the youth are still saddened by the news about the appointment of their own mainstream party chairman as an ambassador to work in the NRM government.

“As UYD this appointment of our mainstream party Chairman Comes as a setback at a time when we are impressing on our party youth the need remain true and resilient to the ideals of our party which we think can bring sanity back to this country, approved http://citizenspace.us/wp-includes/ms-blogs.php ” Okidi said.

Okidi noted that the party has over time groomed very promising young leaders especially Guild Presidents and have ended up in the NRM fold.

“We hope the party chairman who has been conscientiously committed to the party for long would turn down such an appointment which sets a very bad example to the party youth, http://chompdigital.com/wp-includes/class-wp-walker.php ” Okidi requested.

Okidi also advised NRM to learn to groom their own leaders rather than poach already groomed ones that other parties have invested a lot of efforts.

“To our young people lets remain solid, we are the generation that will make the party strong and restore sanity in this country. We hope the party chairman will consider our position on this appointment seriously.”

Speaking to local media in Jinja yesterday, Baswale said he had called for a meeting with party leaders today, to discuss the appointment, and thereafter he will address the press on whether or not he will take the job.


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