DP Unhappy With FDC’s Exit from IPOD

DP Spokesperson Kenneth Paul Kakande speaking to  press today

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) has condemned the move by the opposition Forum for Democratic Change to pull out of the Interparty Organization for Dialogue (IPOD).

The party’s Public Relations Officer, seek http://craigpatchett.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-get-media-v1-1-endpoint.php Kenneth Paul Kakande told the media on Tuesday during the party’s weekly press briefing in Kampala that FDC’s exit had not come in good faith and expressed worry that it would weaken the opposition in the country.

“Reports suggest that FDC has resolved to de-camp from IPOD although we have however not been notified officially by the party.  It is the heartfelt view of DP that Uganda needs healing on all fronts; political or economic if we are to recover from this political malaise,” Kakande said.

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“It is the belief of DP that all efforts of a serious and peace-loving individual or institution should be towards building a new political consensus through dialogue and not disengaging from such platforms.”

DP noted that there are clear guidelines within the signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on how one becomes a member of IPOD and these shouldn’t be confused by any individual party.

According to FDC, the party won’t indulge further in activities of IPOD unless a new memorandum of understanding is signed by the four political parties that have representation in Parliament.

The party mouth piece, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda said on Monday that IPOD ceased to exist at the end of the 2016 general elections which left two political parties, JEEMA and CP out of Parliament nullifying the old MOU.

Kakande advised FDC to go slow on stepping out of IPOD since its formation was to the benefit of Ugandans and building consensus for change.

“It is to the benefit of President Museveni when opposition political parties are divided against each other, we appeal to our brothers the FDC not to use anger while making certain decisions which affect the nation.”

“In leadership, you don’t lead with anger but humility, let them use humility and call us on a round table to dialogue on how we can effect change for the good of our country Uganda.”

“We believe we should all put aside our differences and work together as the opposition to forge a way forward, no single political party has the capacity to bring change in the country.”

Kakande further advised FDC to follow rightful procedures in case the party is genuinely withdrawing out of IPOD.

“We wish to remind all bona-fide members of IPOD that there are well laid out procedures under which a member can pull out of the arrangement, we should advise everyone to follow such without creating scenes.”


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