DP to Boycott Museveni Inauguration Ceremony

Kenneth Paul Kakande

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) has barred its officials from attending President Yoweri Museveni’s Inauguration ceremony slated for Thursday.

While addressing the media during the party’s weekly press briefing, seek http://coachypnose.fr/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-modules-list-table.php the DP Spokesperson Paul Kenneth Kakande said a number of party officials were invited but won’t attend since they don’t believe in president Museveni’s re-election.

“We treat the invitation with disrespect and condemn it; we feel it’s a coronation of a dictator, http://construction-cloud.com.au/wp-content/plugins/stripe/views/admin-shared-tab-stripe-keys.php we will not attend his swearing-in,” Kakande said.

“The swearing-in is just a one day event we are focusing on a bigger picture of seeing that he even doesn’t rule for a year.”

Kakande noted that this week is going to be momentous in history after President Museveni ruling Uganda for 30 years at gun point ‘democracy’.

“DP reminds Mr. Museveni that all leaders who have spent long time in power (30years) have earned the title ‘Dictator’ and ‘Tyrant’ along the way and indeed he long acquired the two titles.”



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