DP Set to Petition Pope Francis

Just days after the former Prime Minister, sildenafil Amama Mbabazi unveiled his 2016 election taskforce, Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao has revealed it is now time for the party to formalize and document their collaboration with him as their presidential candidate.

The decision was reached after the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) retreat in Masaka over the weekend where members discussed at length the party’s collaborative principles with the candidature of Amama Mbabazi.

“I am now at peace after NEC anonymously supported Mbabazi after explaining to them circumstances under which we took the decision to offer our support to him,” Mao said while addressing the media at the party’s weekly press briefing at City House in Kampala.

The DP president noted that the party governing organ also cautioned members against attacking and use of hate language on other opposition politicians like the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) flag bearer, Dr. Kizza Besigye since he is also a TDA member.

“NEC also decided that our relationship with Mbabazi and the Go Forward should be captured in a written addendum to the TDA protocol and our legal advisory committee is working on that and before the end of this week, we will formally sign that addendum,” Mao revealed.

DP endorsed Mbabazi for presidency during the TDA negotiations process.

Mao described Mbabazi as a dangerous striker needed to defeat NRM candidate, President Museveni.

However, some sections of DP are yet to welcome Mbabazi’s endorsement, saying he remains a member of NRM and cannot be trusted to deliver the change opposition needs.

Mao said the addendum will contain important policy positions of DP and other parties supporting Mbabazi’s candidature, the issues that affect Buganda region and as well as the different positions as regards to Cabinet and State Ministerial posts that DP will assume after ushering in the new leadership.

“In DP we know the cost of having a gentleman’s agreement; now we want to avoid that; even God’s agreement with man is in writing.”

“We are therefore assuring all DP members that we remain committed to the values of Democratic Party and inform them that we are to perform much better as a result of the alliance which includes having more Members of Parliament.”
Opposition Democratic Party (DP) is leading other democracy seeking bodies to petition Pope Francis I over the current political state in Uganda ahead of his visit next month.

“We welcome the visit by His Holiness Pope Francis but we want to use this opportunity to write a brief report on the political situation in this country which we are going to send in advance because we feel he needs to know what’s going on, viagra dosage ” revealed the party president Norbert Mao at City House in Kampala on Tuesday.

“Many groups have seized the advantage of the Pope’s visit to present their petitions for example, check families have asked him to give guidance on the collapsing family institution. We as politicians want the Pope to say something about our situation, drug ” Mao observed.

The DP president revealed that the country is in a situation where elections are no longer competitive. “In a competitive election, the incumbent also faces a risk of losing; how can you go in an election were Museveni has no risk of losing.”

“The strength of Museveni is not in terms of his popularity but because he has captured the processes through which elections are conducted.”

“We shall send our report through proper channels since the Pope is ahead of State; definitely he has got an ambassador. So, next week our delegation will go to the Pope’s Nuncio with our document which we shall not make public until the Pope has left.”

Mao revealed that the report will be talking about the state of Uganda’s economy, expressing how Ugandans are at a breaking point economically.

“It will talk about the question of National Reconciliation, the role of the Military, the state of our politics and a government which is hostile to democracy,’

Mao added that the party might also appear at the Pope’s visit with special messages to draw attention to the problems of Uganda asking the Pope to pray for the country.

“I have a feeling that this country might degenerate to a Somalia if we don’t act in time.”

This comes a day after Police warned that some opposition politicians were planning to disrupt the Pope’s visit but vowed not to allow such a thing to happen.


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