DP Puts Bounty on Murderers of Mbarara Party Chairman

DP President Norbert Mao speaking today at the party offices in Kampala

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) president, what is ed Norbert Mao has announced that the party has put up a total of Sh1m to be given to whoever has information leading to the assailants that murdered the party Chairman in Rwampara Constituency in Mbarara District.

Apollo Karibiita was found murdered in his farm on December 29, buy 2016 by unknown assailants whose intentions are yet to be known.

Addressing the press at the party headquarters on Tuesday during his first address in 2017, Mao revealed that so far one suspect has been arrested and is under police custody while investigations are still ongoing.

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“We don’t know the intentions of the murderers but we can’t rule out politics,” Mao said.

“The party has put up a reward of Sh1m to be given to anyone with credible information leading to the assailants,” Mao said.

Relatedly, Mao has also called upon the Leader of Opposition (LOP) Winnie Kiiza to use her office to defend lawyers who are defending Kasese Victims that are currently under Attack.

The DP president revealed that the party legal advisor, Samuel Muyizi has been attacked twice by unknown attackers demanding that he stops representing Kasese Victims before Court.

“He was first attacked on December 30 2016 while he was shopping and last night, the attackers who accosted him in town told him to withdraw his representation of the victims.”

Muyizi is on the team of lawyers that filed proceedings asking ICC to investigate the murders in Kasese.

“I warn the attackers that Muyizi is just one lawyer and compromising him doesn’t mean the case will die since there are many other lawyers handling the case.”


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