DP Launches Campaign to Save Cancer Patient Agnes

Agnes Nayiga needs Shs 120 million to get treatment in India

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) president, rx Norbert Mao has launched a fundraising campaign to save the life of a Ugandan cancer patient, case Agnes Nayiga who needs an operation in India before mid-August.

Nayiga was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 after developing complications while breast feeding.

She had her first surgery that same year in which her nipple was removed. In December last year however, the problem persisted and the oncologist decided to cut off the entire breast.

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The surgery was done successfully and she has been undergoing Chemotherapy.

“She now has to start on Radiotherapy, a process which is very expensive for her. She needs to raise 120 million shillings, which is the cost of having the required operation and treatment in India,” said Norbert Mao while addressing the media at City House.

Mao noted that during the upcoming operation, her second breast has to be cut off during that operation in order to save her life.

 “The Save Agnes Campaign Team has printed T-shits like the ones we are putting on which go at a humble price of Ushs.30.000/=, this is one of the primary ways one can support Agnes and any other form of contribution is welcome.”

“We also call upon Democrats, institutions, individuals, all well-wishers to open-handedly support Agnes before mid-August so that she travels for treatment.”

Mao expressed dismay over the bureaucratic delay by the National Medical Board on clearing patients that need foreign referral.

“A month ago when the Regional Vice President and MP,  Betty Nambooze Bakireke had to be flown to South Africa, the 12 Member Medical Board said she had not satisfied all requirements and there was no proof that she had utilized all local alternatives; the same stories were heard in the instance of our sister Carol Atuhirwe.”

“We are not thrilled with the routine under which the Board handles some of these issues, the Board should know that there are some emergency cases it needs to deal with hurriedly, that kind of rigidity may not only be applicable in this century; but it is also cruel.”

“We call for your support because in this cause to Save Agnes, each and every coin counts. You can reach Agnes on her Mobile number 0701066275, Mrs. Annet Nakyanja Mawejje 0772629121 / 0701629121.”


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