DP Launches Sanitary Pads Campaign

DP have today launched a nationwide sanitary pads campaign

The Party President of the Democratic Party Norbert Mao has Tuesday asked government of Uganda to find ways of availing sanitary pads to school going girls all over the country.

This is in spite of the ministry’s education’s revelation to parliament recently that there are no funds for this venture although it was President Museveni’s campaign process.

 “There is a strong call for us to pause for a reality check and assess the real situation of the Ugandan girl child of school going age, page more so the subject of them accessing sanitary pads and education, ” said President Mao while addressing press in Kampala today.

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The lack of sanitary pads has been named one of the reasons for the increasing dropout rate of young school girls.

Mao revealed that his party was launching a nationwide campaign in schools, colleges and universities to sensitize on sanitary pads use and accessibility.

In addition he said, the campaign will be pushing government to fulfill its campaign promise.

According to a United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) report 1 out of 10 schools going girls skips 4 to 5 days when undergoing menstruation, for every 28 days cycle, which translates into an estimated 13 learning days per term.

It’s also estimated that about 23 percent of adolescents girls drop out of school when they practically begin menstruating as a new experience.

The bold ones who cannot afford proper menstruation products but are determined to study have sometimes to go through cruel choices to rely on to absorb their menstruation flow for example; pieces of old clothing ,wards of toilet paper, banana fibers, leaves ,mattress sponges while others while scrap papers from their exercises books

Mao noted with concern that while things like condoms are given freely and mostly go unused, sanitary pads which are a necessity are not available.


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