Don’t Vote Independents, Museveni Rallies Toroma

Museveni introducing NRM Candidate Mr Joseph Andrew Koluo at the rally

By Ibrahim Shamiru Byakika

Addressing two separate rallies at Magoro and Toroma Sub Counties in Katakwi District on Tuesday, viagra 60mg NRM Party Chairman and President Yoweri Museveni urged the people here to avoid voting independents but instead send him the NRM flag bearer to Parliament.

The National Chairman was in Toroma Constituency to canvas support for Mr Joseph Andrew Koluo, mind the official party candidate in the race.

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“When you go for elections, it’s not just a fashion. Don’t vote for religions, Sub Counties or even tribes but vote for a solution to your problems,” said the President, adding that NRM was the only party committed to effective service delivery.

He spoke at length about the independent candidates whom he likened to football players intercepting their own teammates to deny them scoring opportunities.

“If I have a ball and you are a member of my team, why do you fail me from scoring?” he asked.

He added that independent Candidates had in many occasions proved to be vote spoilers in such elections unless when used as a strategy.

The race has seven candidates four of whom are independents and of these three are NRM leaning.

NRM SG Kasule Lumumba welcomes Museveni in the area

NRM SG Kasule Lumumba welcomes Museveni in the area

Magoro Land Issues

At his first rally in Magoro Sub County bordering Karamoja, the National Chairman said he would soon cause a meeting with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and other parties to address the concerns of the local folks related to the land reportedly grabbed from them.

He said, he was however happy to see thousands of people returning to this area for productive work. The area had been deserted following rampant cattle rustling.

Museveni noted that the UPDF had grown very strong and able to counter and negative forces. He said over 40,000 guns were retrieved from the Karamajong, a number which was two times the size of the Idi Amin’s force of 1970s.

The President said he was happy to note that all Sub Counties in Katakwi district have HCIIIs except Palamo while all parishes have government Primary schools except two.

Crowds fighting for t-shirts

Crowds fighting for t-shirts

With a major power line connected to Katakwi Town Council, Museveni disclosed government plans to extend it to other areas shortly. These will include Omodoi, Akoboi, Toroma Mission, Amucu, Amekedea and Aryamulami among many others.

He commended the district leadership in Teso Sub Region for the construction of quality motorable murram roads in the area.

He further mentioned that Soroti-Katakwi-Moroto and Moroto-Nakapiripiti-Mbale roads were being tarmacked.

Lumumba, Mukula Call For Peace

Both the NRM Secretary General Rt. Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba and the National Vice Chairperson in charge of the Eastern region Captain Mike Mukula called for peace throughout the electoral period.

“It’s the first time Uganda is enjoying peace across borders, let the elections not destabilize your peace,” Lumumba told voters.

Mukula urged the party members to cast their votes early enough and assured them of security in case of any eventualities.

Toroma head to the polls this Thursday, May 18.


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