Disunity Cost Opposition Seats in New Districts – DP

DP Publicity Secretary, Kenneth Paul Kakande addressing the press on Tuesday

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) has regretted the failure by opposition political parties to unite behind a single candidate in the just concluded elections in the newly formed districts which has given the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) a land slide victory especially in Omoro District.

DP’s candidate Pamella Grace Lanyero tallied third with 1, viagra 100mg 345 votes behind FDC’s Prossy Alanyo Owiny with 3, pilule 948 votes leaving the NRM’s Catherine Lamwaka in lead with a land slide victory of 10, 958 votes.

DP Publicity Secretary, Kenneth Paul Kakande told the media on Tuesday that the party has conceded defeat and will embark on early campaigns to ensure that they popularize the party in the new district.

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Kakande explained that the party can’t grasp the cause of its unpleasant performance but partly attributed it to the failure by the opposition to unite behind a single candidate.

“The opposition has great lessons to learn from these polls. These parties had a chance to win several seats but because of the divisionism, all efforts were scattered and we ended up leaving all the seats to NRM,” Kakande said.

Kakande noted that, “There was no unity as this election had each and every symbol anybody could think of; in form of a shade of opinion represented on the ballot paper. We wish to retaliate our position that the Democratic Party is committed to working together to oust the dictator.”

It should be remembered that the two big opposition parties (FDC and DP) failed to agree on fielding a single candidate in all the engagements that they had before nominations. Each of them overestimated the capacity their candidate only to be overwhelmed at last minute by the ruling party.

DP had strong confidence in Lanyero given her reputable portfolio, education and her experience with various organizations including UN, Save the Children, Archdiocese of Gulu and Care International.

“She had just been given a big assignment to spearhead programs in Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia, it was a great honor for Omoro to have someone so highly qualified as a candidate but we shall accept the outcomes because the people spoke so loud,” remarked Kakande.

He however accused NRM for vote rigging and engaging in all forms of election malpractice.

“The elections were characterized by an unprecedented voter bribery, intimidation, inflated voter register and unprecedented voter apathy.”




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