District Chairman Urges on Using ICT to Evert Rwenzori Conflicts

Kabarole District Chairman Richard Rwabuhinga

The District Chairman Kabarole Mr. Richard Rwabuhinga has urged members of parliament to develop an early warning conflict and disaster management system to detect and avert conflicts.

The he says would go a long way in detecting and averting conflicts such as that in July 2015 that left scores killed and hundreds imprisoned.

Rwabuhinga observes that identifying the drivers of these conflicts through Information Communication Technology (ICT), sick cultural leaders and other partners will be in position to address the issues affecting their areas hence averting and containing the rampant conflicts and disasters.

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The chairman was speaking at the 10th celebration of Rwenzori Information Centers Network (RIC-NET) an NGO that empowers citizens’ access and use information for wealth creation and engagement; at a function held at Allen’s Resort Muguru Fort Portal town on Saturday night.

Rwabuhinga said, purchase “What has killed our country is that the people are intolerant to conflict. But at this level of conflict management through dialogues, site peace can be realized”.

“The best thing parents, cultural and political leaders can hand over to the next generation is a peaceful generation. The RIC-NET model of information sharing can avert the conflicts that have ravaged the Rwenzori region,” Said Rwabuhinga.

Rwabuhinga hailed RIC-NET for establishing the Kabarole District E-center for its continuous information sharing, research and knowledge exchange, unlike some NGOs and CBOs which start with good ideas but back down after two years.

The Executive Director RIC-NET Mr.Murugahara John Silco revealed that they have embarked on working with cultural leaders in peace building co-existence and conflict resolution in the region.

The Prime Minister Obudingiya Bwa Bamba Hon. Wilson Mubulya noted that it’s every one role to promote peace and disseminate peaceful information for development to be realized in Rwenzori region.

The chief guest Hon .Alex Ruhunda MP Fort Portal could not respond to Rwabuhinga’s request but noted that in life, there is need to create space to discover new relevant issues that benefit communities.



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