Desire Luzinda Sings on Leaked Nude Photos

Luzinda performing at Kampala Serena Hotel this year

A delegation of Members of Parliament of the Committee on Health, look http://cfmasv.com/wp-includes/meta.php and a technical team from the National Drug Authority last week made a spot check on some of Uganda’s major pharmaceutical suppliers in India.

While on a week-long tour of the manufacturing facilities that ended Monday, physician the leader of the delegation, who is also the Chairperson, Committee on Health, Hon. Dr. Kenneth Omona, said the interest of the Committee was the access, efficacy and safety of the drugs that Ugandans consume and to also see whether the firms follow internationally recognised current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

“We are also here to oversee the work of National Drug Authority  because it is the body which licences, inspects and certifies the firms which produce medicines destined for the Uganda market”, he added.

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The Committee was however concerned that India is also the origin of some counterfeit and substandard medicines which find their way to the Uganda market. India presently accounts for about 60 percent of all drugs that are imported into Uganda.

According to Mr Gordon Ssematiko, Executive Secretary NDA, antibiotics and antimalarials have been prone to being counterfeited but the institution has drastically addressed the problem, which is now at 2.8 percent.

“The prevalence of counterfeit or fake drugs used to be very high”, he said. “We banned importation and use of bulk packs and we insist on blister packs. We also intensified our procedures, which now include night operations throughout the whole country,” he explained.

Following the visit of the delegation to the Food and Drugs Control Administration of Gujarat State, India, Dr Sam Zaramba, the Chairman NDA, revealed to the delegation that they are seeking the amendment of the law such that the regulation of food can also be consolidated under the Authority. The Committee was informed that there is presently no specific agency regulating cosmetics or medical devices.

Some of the pharmaceutical industries the Committee visited included Agog Pharmacy Ltd, Sparsh Bio-Tech Pvt Ltd, Claris Lifesciences Ltd and Astra Lifecare Pvt Ltd.

The delegation of MPs of the Health Committee included, Hon. Dr. Omona Kenneth, MP Kaberamaido (Chairperson, Committee on Health); Hon. Dr. Patrick Mutono (MP, Pallisa District), Hon. Atim Joy Ongom (Woman Representative, Lira) and Hon. Naome Kabasharira (Woman Representative, Ntungamo).

The technical team from the National Drug Authority comprised Dr Sam Zaramba, Chairman NDA; Mr Gordon Ssematiko, Executive Secretary NDA; Mr Nahamya David, Senior Inspector of Drugs and Mr Nsereko Henry, Drug Analyst.

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Embattled musician Desire Luzinda has released an audio of her song about her leaked nude photographs, find http://churchofthekingmcallen.org/wp-includes/user.php urging couples to “guard secrets jealously.”

In the song which is likely to sweep Kampala airwaves like a wild fire, cure Luzinda wonders, “what befell the old good and sweet traditional marriage” where “secrets were secrets?”

The song comes at a time when police are investigating circumstances under which Luzinda’s private photos were rolled out on the internet by jilted Nigerian lover, Franklin.

The pictures, which show the musician seductively touching her private parts, attracted a huge public debate, with Ugandans condemning Franklin for betraying Luzinda’s trust.

But critics also blamed Luzinda for posing nude for cameras, a move they described as “regrettable” given that most prospective female musicians had started looking at her as their inspiration and role model.

Luzinda has since apologised for embarrassing her family and fans who elevated her to stardom.

In the song, Luzinda expresses shock that people choose to blow the lid off “bedroom matters” before bringing them into the open.

“I gave you all my heart and trust. Why take bedroom issues to the public domain? We should keep secrets even when married to mad people. Lovers must always keep their secrets at all times,” she sings in a romantic choice.


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