Desh Kananura Assessors Skip Court

Desh Kananura

Rally Driver Andrew Desh Kananura today was unable to commence his defense on the murder charges against him before High Court Judge Joseph Murangira, unhealthy due to the absence of court assessors in this matter.

Justice Murangira had last evening set today for Desh Kananura and his four co-accused persons to start their defense on the charges of murdering one Badru Kateregga.

Yesterday, more about when the defense was expected to commence, the prosecution asked for an adjournment because their team was not properly composed as some of the lawyers were attending a funeral.

Today, with all the accused persons and two state attorney ready in court, it emerged that the two court Assessors were absent as they were attending to other matters in different courts.

This prompted the trial judge to adjourn this matter to Monday 27th March next week.

The suspects have three defense options which include keeping quiet, giving unsworn evidence where the prosecution doesn’t ask them questions, or to take oath before giving their testimony.


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