Delayed Ntungamo Mirama Road Hampers Regional Trade

The Nungamo Mirama Hills road was supposed to be completed early this year

The team from Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) has decried the delayed completion of the Ntungamo-Mirama hills road, abortion which they said has hampered trade between Uganda and Rwanda.

The team was yesterday touring the construction progress on the Ntungamo-Mirama hills road.

TMEA’s Merian Sebunya described the road as problematic as it slows down business especially at the Mirama hills check point.

The road which was commissioned for upgrade in October 2014 is partially by Trade Mark East Africa (50%) together with government of Uganda.

The road was expected to be ready for use in April 2016, and but after delays related to land compensation, viagra 60mg the expected completion date was moved to December 2016.

Speaking during the tour however, Mrs Sebunya noted with delight that services at the various border points were improving, pointing out for instance that smuggling of illicit goods had drastically declined.

From Uganda Revenue Authority, Robert Jemba expressed optimism that Mirama border is going to be more convenient than Katuna route which he said is very congested.

He however highlighted the need for more accommodation facilities, for especially truck drivers.

“Checking at Mirama hills border end at 8pm yet some truck drivers arrive late; they need places for refreshment which are lacking on the way and at the check point” he said

Sheila Nankunda from reassured the officials that the Ntungamo Mirama road will reduce trucks congestion after its completion.

She said the delays have been caused by locals who are compensated but refuse to leave.

“Soon we are bringing in enforcement officers to remove these people forcefully so that the contractor finishes up the work,” she said


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