Election 2016

Defiant FDC Plans Massive Rallies in Eastern Uganda

Despite being blocked from holding a rally in Rukungiri last week, purchase http://dakarlives.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-get-term-endpoint.php Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has vowed to conduct political gatherings in Eastern Uganda this weekend.

FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda told journalists in Kampala on Monday that the main opposition party would stick to its roadmap of holding consultation meetings and rallies across the country as scheduled.

“The FDC will this coming weekend (Friday October 16) turn its guns on Eastern Uganda as it continues to mobilise its supporters and attract new ones ahead of the forthcoming general elections, cialis 40mg ” said Ssemujju.

“Our next mobilization tour will take us to Iganga this Friday October 16. We will have breakfast in Kireka at the FDC offices, stop over in Mukono and Jinja before opening an FDC office in Iganga and then public rally in the afternoon,” he added.

The party official said the activities are part of a wider programme of mobilisation and identification of candidates to take elective positions in the upcoming elections.

“On Saturday, we will open an FDC office in Busia and attend a fundraising organized by Hon. Geoffrey Ekanya in Tororo,” Ssemujju added.

Police intervention

He found it so disturbing that in this current political period, police are stopping them from mobilizing within their party.

He said FDC, like any other party, is supposed to identify over 2 million candidates who will contest in over 2 million posts announced by the Electoral Commission (EC).

“For example, every village will have a nine-member Local Council One Committee, a nine-member Youth Council Committee, a five member PWD Committee and a five member committee of the elderly; these are 28 leadership positions at each of the 57,000 official villages in the country.”

Ssemujju said the FDC policy advocates for a lean government but is now found in a difficult position that requires them to raise over 1.8 million candidates all over the country.

“The population is not even aware that it is supposed to raise this number; not only do we carry out mobilization but civic education as well because of the incompetence of the Uganda Human Rights Commission,” he added.

“But on the instruction of the IGP, we are intimidated from carrying out our party mobilization. The aim, we think is to shield the NRM from competition so it can have as many sole candidates as possible.”

Police blocked FDC’s rallies in Rukungiri last week, saying the campaign period will start after the nomination of candidates in November.

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