Election 2016

Defiant Besigye Returns to Kampala

A suspect being held by security forces in downtown Kampala (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

The European Union election observation mission has dispatched a team of 54 short-term observers in respective areas of Uganda to monitor this week’s general elections. The team will join another 80 long term observers that were deployed on January 12.

Speaking to journalists at Sheraton Hotel Kampala on Monday, online http://cstaab.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/i18n/states/bg.php head of the Mission, drug Mr. Eduard
Kukan said the mission will later be reinforced by a delegation of 7 members of the European Parliament and 26 locally recruited short-term observers from EU diplomatic community in Uganda.

“I wish all people of Uganda a peaceful election and encourage them to express their constitutional right by participating in the voting process, patient ” said Mr. Kukan.

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He expressed optimism that the election results will be accepted but cautioned the stakeholders to play their respective roles. “So far we have observed that the campaigns have been peaceful and without negatives,” he added.

However the Chief observer expressed concern over the police crime preventers whose role he strongly questioned.

“We have raised the issue with the police several times but we have been told that the role of crime preventers is to ensure security.

However we still find a thin line between protection of voters and the possible intimidation.”

The European Union Election Observation Mission arrived in Uganda in January following invitation from the government of Uganda to monitor the elections. The information collected by the observers will be the basis for the mission’s preliminary statement which will be issued on
February 20.
FDC strongman Dr Kizza Besigye is travelling back to Kampala after meeting with police at his home in Kasangati.

According to Besigye’s programme, order http://compuaprende.com/components/com_community/templates/jomsocial/layouts/videos.myvideos.php he is today expected in Arua Park, Nakasero Market, Kissekka market, Kagugube, Bukesa and Makerere University.

Other areas on the presidential candidate’s schedule are Mini Price, Container Village, Kafumbe Mukasa and Nnabagereka Primary School.

Plans to hold a rally along Nasser Road flopped with police using teargas to disperse the crowds.

Besigye was briefly held at Kiira Road Police Station before being released and escorted to Kasangati.

Meanwhile, students at Makerere University have defaced President Museveni’s posters ahead of Besigye’s rally.

The FDC today said in a statement that the party and its supporters are law abiding.

“We will however defy illegal application of the laws by the regime and its functionaries,” the organisation warned.


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