Defiant Besigye Boasts: Uganda Police is too Weak to Manage Me

Dr Kizza Besigye says police is under fire from public pressure

Former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Dr.Kizza Besigye in a boasting manner has said that the police force is incompetent and can in no way manage to keep him at bay.

Addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi on Wednesday afternoon, sick the opposition strongman narrated how he was able to beat the 24 surveillance at his home in May before he was arrested in the city centre.

“I left hundreds of them (policemen) not only at my home but the entire village was full of both uniformed and plain clothed policemen. Despite their deployment even at my perimeter wall, I managed to escape from them,” Besigye told journalists on Wednesday.

“I was able to beat their security as a show of defiance to them. I wanted to show that I was capable of defying their acts. Even when I reached town, I willingly opened the door of my car and gave in myself to them. Once I was out, they pretended to show how strong they are by lifting me yet I had willingly handed over myself.”

Besigye narrated that from the city centre where he was arrested, he was driven shortly to Nalufenya  police station in Jinja before he was later airlifted to Moroto central police station and then to Moroto government prison.

The former FDC presidential candidate narrated that he underwent a lot as he was transferred to Moroto until he was brought to Luzira from where he was released on Tuesday on court bail.

He however said that all he went through only served to make him strong stressing that this is the path those opposing government ought to go through.

“You have to be ready for incarceration, torture and sometimes death. That is why whenever I am arrested, I am emotionally and psychologically ready for anything.”

He said the previous arrests and detentions have taught him lessons adding that he is never anxious and stressful whenever such happens but rather at peace.

“Some people say I gained weight while in prison but this is because I have been doing nothing but resting while in Luzira. I have been peaceful and well throughout this period,”Besigye boasted.

He said he would continue from where he stopped going along with business as a free citizen, adding that he will continue to be defiant.

Besigye was in May arrested in the city centre  before he was later detained and charged with treason for outing a video in which he illegally swore-in himself as president.


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